Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Size Linens Should I Use?

Are you confused by linen sizes? Well, you're not alone. If I didn't deal with linens all day long, I'd be just as confused. So, I thought I would give you a quick reference guide as to what size linens you'll need. Do note that the sizing I give allows the linen to touch the ground and hide those ugly table legs. Here goes:
  • 60" round table {8ppl} - 120" round
  • 72" round table {10ppl} - 132" round
  • 6 foot rectangular table - 90"x132"
  • 8 foot rectangular table - 90"x156"
  • 4 person low top or cafe table - 96" round
  • high top or high boy - 120" round to touch the ground or 132" round to puddle {if you want a chair tie around the middle of the table, rent a 132" round}

Good luck picking those linens out! Have I told you lately that I have a small obsession with table linens? Yep, I sure do :)



Dawn Davis said...

Seriously, just the post I needed. I'm renting 3 - 6' tables for our workshop and I want to put linens on the tables. Do I need 90"x132" or would they be too long for tables that people will be working at?

Jodi said...

Hi Dawn ~
A 90x132 will be perfect. It will dress your tables up but still allow your participants to work with ease.

Dawn Davis said...

Thanks Jodi...!

Dewey said...

What size should I use for 3' round tables? I really like the look of square table cloths on rounds... also, how many people could fit comfortably at this size of table? Thank you in advance for your tips!

Marilyn said...

I'm draping a 4ft. rectangular table and would like for the linen to be full length. What size table cloth would I need?

petrenkov said...

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