Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Chuggin' Along

Remember that post on Monday? You know the one titled 'Full Steam AHEAD.' Well, I'm still chuggin' along. And moving forward at warp speed. I'm coming down with a cold and taking serious amounts of motrin to mask the symptoms. Seriously. As if I have time for such a thing as a fever and stuffy nose. Pffft.

We've got two events going on this week. One is an ArtPrize event for the sponsors and top 10 artists and the second is a wedding with uber-chic decor. The color palette is white, grey and yellow. It's clean and modern. Chic and organic. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to share images with you.

I'm working with a new photographer on this event. Wojtek Dabrowski is a local photographer{and ArtPrize contestant} who happens to be the bride's cousin. He's got amazing style and I'm looking forward to working with him on this event.

My dear friend of a million years, Suzanna, stopped by the office today so we could work on the concepts for her 40th birthday. We've decided on a color palette of pink and spring green. We're going for a Lilly Pulitzer look and feel. If you know Suz, you know this is the perfect theme for her. She's a true girly-girl. And I'm excited to pull this party together in honor of her!

Time to sign off. I still have a lot of things to do tonight before I can call it a day. Until I have time to post again. :)

{photo credit: Lilly Pulitzer}

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Full Steam AHEAD!

ArtPrize is in full swing! People are everywhere downtown and the city is a buzz. Last night was the big opening ceremony in Lyon Square. It was a fantastic night and I'm looking forward to more amazing events over the next 10 days.

Tonight, my husband and I took the kids out for a couple of hours to visit some of the artist exhibits they've been so excited to see. Though we're hard at work preparing the events for this amazing thing called ArtPrize, I told myself I would take time with my family to look around and enjoy what's happening to our city.

To say I was blown away by what I saw tonight would be an understatement! I love the arts. How could I not. I'm not just an event planner, but an event designer. There's a tremendous amount of creativity that goes into what I do. Event design is my form of artistic expression. And I love to see how others express themselves. If I could, I'd visit all 1,262 exhibits!

So, over the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be sure to take an hour here and an hour there to see as much as I can. I'm going to drink in the richness of our city. I'm going to marvel at the reaction of my children as they interact with the artwork. I'm going to share my love of art with them in hopes they will grow to love and express art, too.

Don't miss this! The opportunities are just too rich.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lolli - Lovelies

It's just a few minutes after 12. And I don't me 12 as in noon. More like 12 as in midnight. An early time of the night for me. I've got O.A.R. 's 'This Town' currently playing/blaring on my iTunes. I think Pink's Funhouse comes next and it's a favorite!

I need a little break from my work right now so I thought I'd write you all a little love letter . As I was thinking through what to say, it popped into my head that I break every blog rule out there with my crazy love letters to you all. I figure that because I'm a wedding planner and not a professional wedding blogger that I can get away with it. {Oooh, here comes 'Funhouse' you guys love the song, too?...I can't play it around the kids because Pink doesn't use the kid-friendliest words in the song!} As I was saying,you must not mind my ramblings because my stats are pretty solid - as if that's gonna win me some award :)

Talked to my beautiful friend and partner is event planning crime Alicia of A Day in May tonight. She's coming down from Traverse City to assist us with ArtPrize. There are so many events occurring simultaneously that I needed another rock-star to help manage. She fits the bill perfectly! {Adore you, Lish!}

Also talked to another rock-star planner in Detroit today. I needed some suggestions for a new vendor in the Detroit area and Beth Lipin had just the knowledge and advice I needed. I love it when planners can collaborate and share knowledge with one another. She was so kind and gracious and told me to call anytime she could help me with vendors from her area. I told her to do the same with vendors from my area. I can't wait to meet her one day soon.

Have I told you all how much I love the guys at Special Events Rental? Seriously, it should be illegal to put me in a room with Mike, Larry and Todd. These guys are ridiculously creative and together we dream up some pretty crazy stuff. I don't know what I'd do without these guys! They are the best Michigan has to offer. Heck, I think they're the best the Midwest has to offer.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blogroll these days, but I did see a post from someone {sorry, can't remember who} featuring the most adorable cake toppers I have ever seen. The name of the company is Lollipop Workshop and they make 'lollidolls.' I love them so much I want one for Gretchen's birthday cake next year. Trouble is, she's turning nine and may very well refuse to eat her cake if I put such a 'baby-ish' thing atop. Maybe I could ask them to make me a 'lolli-hannah-montana-doll' :) Just a thought!

Anyways, I will find a place to use one of these beauties. Aren't they wonderful? What a keepsake it would be. Maybe my new nieces and nephews need one from their Aunt Jodi? I'm feelin' it!
Happy slumber, all. Time for this chic to finish a few more emails and hit the sack. Gotta make lunches in 6 short hours. YIKES!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

She Lives!

Yes, I am alive. A little sleep-deprived these days, but nevertheless, alive. We're in the home stretch on ArtPrize and I couldn't be more excited about the events we have planned for the two-week art exhibition. I dare say, the private sponsor event that I have designed to celebrate the winner of the $250,000, might just be the coolest design to date. I'm over-the-moon about it!

I can't wait to show you photographs, which will be captured by the official ArtPrize photographer, Jen Kroll. I'm using some amazing new products in the design but I can't tell you about them until mid-October. Trust me, one product in particular is going to change the way I design events. It's so versatile and dog-gone cool! I think you'll agree once you see it.

In other news, both of my kiddos are back in school. This is the first year in 9 years that both are gone for a full day. I had a mild breakdown about it about a month ago but let me tell you, it's the most beautiful thing in the world to clean the breakfast dishes up after they leave for school at 7:45am and have it remain in a clean state for a whole 8 hours. Heaven. Pure Heaven!

Our 2010 dance card is becoming rather full. We may be able to squeak a few events in here-and-there but we're pretty packed through the end of September 2010.

There's one event in particular I'm super excited about! And if you're reading this post, September-2010-bride-to-be, I haven't had a chance to tell you CONGRATULATIONS and how excited I am to help you plan an amazing week of festivities.

Your ever-so-wonderful SIL told me at a meeting this past week you've been buying every wedding magazine under the sun and ripping out pages for me to look at with you! I can't wait to get the design process underway with you, dear :)

Have a great week, all. More to come in the days ahead.