Friday, May 22, 2009

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - Picking a Color Scheme

Now that I have searched for venues, I'm onto the fun part - the creative part! Seriously, how does one even begin to design their wedding? The options feel endless. It seems like only yesterday I was in my apartment at Michigan State, looking through stacks of bridal magazines instead of sewing my design project for Senior Design Studio...ahhh, the memories [sigh]. Now all the great wedding ideas I loved are flooding my head.

Thankfully, I have some help. Jodi posted on In Any Event's blog not too long ago about 5 things she thinks every event MUST have. So, I'm going to make it easy for myself and break it down into these 5 categories. What will I start with first, you ask? Colors of course! Right off the bat, I want to show you the top color schemes I've found along the way.

My favorite color combo...

FUCHSIA + TAUPE: I fell IN LOVE with this color scheme from Martha Stewart! I saw these photos in the magazine not too long ago, so I was thrilled to find them again online! Clean and preppy. Perfect for the style I'm going for and perfect for the venue. I just need to tweak it a little to personalize it (maybe add an additional color?) and we're good to go!

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Other color combos I love...

BLUE + ORANGE: This look is fun and unique. It's one of those things that could save you from a gloomy, rainy day. Should it rain on your wedding day (heaven forbid) then this combo would keep your day bright and cheery. You can't go wrong with complimentary colors... they always work well together!

{Photo: Courtesy of Brilliant Event Planning}

YELLOW + GRAY: This color pairing is very popular right now. I see it everywhere. What I love about this event is the aqua. Popping another color in there makes it different (you don't want your wedding to look like everyone else's!)

{Photo: Courtesy of Wedding Inspirations}

My list of favorites definitely goes beyond these three color schemes...but I just want to give you a small taste for now. Next up, I will be looking for linens and incorporating my color choice into those (oh boy, that's gonna take a while!) Hopefully I can find time this weekend to make some more decisions on my overall look. I like a lot of styles, so it's going to be tough. It's just one big process of elimination. Hopefully everything will all tie together in the end though! I'm crossing my fingers.

~ Jillian


goingbananas0713 said...

Awww Jill, These are all so cute! I LOVE the fuchsia and taupe combo!

I really like the blue and orange in the picture, but my cousin tried to go with this scheme and it turned feeling more like we had stepped into a Detroit Tigers party then a wedding, but I am sure you wouldn't let that happen! Have fun planning the rest of your wedding :) said...

Great color schemes! Would you wear a taupe wedding dress? That's the only part I couldn't make my mind up on... It kind of says "Second marriage" to me, but I might be old-fashioned.

Jillian {In Any Event} said...

I agree! I am thinking an off-white dress as of right now (I don't think my complexion can handle stark white!) Dress shopping happens in a few months, so we'll see what works. I can't wait :)

Erin Marie said...

I can't wait until your rendering Jill-ay!!!!! It is going to be faaaaaaabulous!!!! Have I mentioned lately that I miss you and want to hear all the juicy wedding planning details pre-blog posting? :) :) :) See you on Thursday at the educational series! Can't wait!