Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun Facts: Invitation Etiquette

Did you know:
  • The inner envelope is the place to list exactly who is invited and by omission who isn't {children, for example}

  • 'The Honour of Your Presence' is only used when the ceremony is in a house of worship, otherwise, the traditional wording is 'The Pleasure of Your Company is Requested...'

  • Dates should always be spelled out in full, including the year {there is no 'and' between two thousand nine}
  • States should also be spelled out in full

  • Brides are married 'to' their grooms, except in the Jewish faith, where brides 'and' grooms marry

  • There should never be any mention of gifts on the invitation or in the enclosures
~ Jodi
{photo credit: bella figura - etiquette credit: anna post}


Meghan said...

This is just the information I need right now! Thanks for covering that!! One more question - what about capitalization? For instance:

Saturday, the Seventeenth of October
Two Thousand Nine
Half past two in the afternoon

What should and shouldn't be capitalized in that blurb?

Thanks Jodi!!