Friday, May 1, 2009

Notes From the Future "Mrs."

"Newly engaged" means a lot of things. It means months of planning. Months of joy and bliss. Undoubtedly times of tears from frustration and stress. Learning real "teamwork" with your fiance. Endless options and tough decisions. Calling on your best girlfriends for help. And last but not least, months of juggling life like you have never had to juggle life before.

I am SO thrilled to start my series as a guest blogger every week for In Any Event! Really... this is going to be quite the experience. You can tag along with me through the process as I give tips and advice, ask for suggestions, introduce great vendors and other finds, and share crazy stories - of which I am sure there will be PLENTY. I may even cry on your shoulder when the going gets tough (just kidding ...I hope). You can also follow me on Twitter. I'm an open book and ready to share all the experiences I'm bound to encounter.

Let me back up now and introduce myself. I am Jillian. I am Jodi Bos' loyal assistant, an MSU grad, and now Chris' fiance. A year ago from now I was graduating with a design degree from Michigan State University. Battling with what my next "step" would be, and dreading yet another year of being long-distance with Chris as he finishes school in Toledo, I realized I had some decisions to make. Well, let me tell you... one whirlwind year took me from my original goal of moving back to New York for fashion design work, to following my love for event planning alongside Jodi, and I haven't looked back since.

So I now find myself here on this blog. A proposal. A ring. A very sweet guy named Chris with whom I have a 4 year relationship. These are all the things that have lead me to this, as the bride-to-be blogger ...and I couldn't be happier!

Until next time!
~ Jill


TaDa Event Coordination said...

Congratulation Jill! I am excited to follow your journey. The best wedding to plan is your own. Enjoy!

kara said...

Jill, I am so happy for you and Chris! I am also looking forward to your weekly blog postings.

Dawn Davis said...

Congratulations Kara! Love, LOVE, Love your ring!!!! Marriage is wonderful... absolutely wonderful... and we're headed on our 17th year!!! ~ Dawn

Jennifer Ederer said...

Jill, I love this post and I'm so excited for you! I look forward to not only following along but experiencing this first hand with you. Congratulations and you deserve only the best life has to offer!

How much fun is this going to be Jod? As our favorite little bird would say, "REAL FUN!" You can so see her facial expression can't you!?!?

steph/mama said...

Jill!! I'm so sad that I found out VIA facebook that you were engaged, but yeah- you probably have a billion people to tell, so it's understandable. I am definitely going to be a subscriber to your mini series!!! How exciting :)Oh, Chris did an awesome job on the bling!! Didn't hate that!

Pink Tulip said...

I am looking forward to your weekly blog posts. Your research and feedback are greatly appreciated since I too am organizing my wedding. Right now, I am in the middle of coordinating our engagement photo shoot. Wish me good luck!

Jillian {In Any Event} said...

Thank you to everyone for the congrats and for your interest in following me on this adventure! As Jenn put it, this will be "REAL fun"!

Pink Tulip, I'm so glad to hear from someone who is in the same boat! I would love your input on things and hear your stories as well through the process! Best of luck on your engagement photos, your going to have so much fun!