Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Inspired By This!

Yesterday, my publicist Leila Khalil, launched a new blog that I couldn't be more excited about. She is one of the great industry minds and keeps company with the best including Liene Stevens, Sean Low, and Rebecca Grinnals. She's a brilliant wedding strategist and branding expert, not to mention media goddess. And her blog is guaranteed to be full of helpful hints that will help elevate any wedding business.

I encourage you to add her blog to your Google Reader and check it often. She inspires me every day with her knowledge and strategic plan for my business. I'm so fortunate to have her on my team and I want all of you to benefit from her expertise as well.

PS - Leila has a book coming out this fall. When it does, I'll be hosting a give-away and I'll even have her sign it for the winner!


Erin Marie said...

I don't even know her... but i love her! For everything she has done for both you and for Jenn... :)

Liene Stevens said...

You are too kind to include me in that list, but really, I count you as one of the best in the industry. Flawless work and such grace. Loved meeting Jillian in Chicago.

Leila Khalil |Wedding Publicist| Be Inspired PR said...

Jodi, you are so cute! Thank you. You inspire me all the time :)