Friday, February 27, 2009

An Open Letter to Wrinkled Linens

Dear Wrinkled Linen;

You hurt my eyes. I can spot you 10 miles away and I become short-of-breath when I notice you. Truth be told, when I open a magazine or walk into a ballroom, I do not want to see you. You ruin the look of the table and you make a whole lot of hard work disappear because you are so obvious.

Now, I understand that you must be laundered and pressed by your owner but that does not mean that your renter should pay the price. And that is why I am writing this letter. I want to put you on notice that I, Jodi Bos of In Any Event, will no longer tolerate your unsightly existence. I will not let another event suffer because I failed to inform my readers that they MUST iron you before they put you on the table. No questions asked.

It really is so easy because you typically arrive 2 days prior to an event which gives the renter plenty of time to destroy you. And if you live in a hotel ballroom, all a person would need to do is ask to take you home prior to the event so you can be obliterated.

This probably makes you feel bad and I'm sorry about that. But you're just ugly and you need to go.


Next up: An open letter to the mirror in the middle of the table.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Photo Shoot ROCKED!

What a wonderful day! The photo shoot for Bride and Bloom went so well. It was an all-day affair, though. And when we left the studio at 4pm {we arrived at 9am} we were exhausted. I think you'll be blown away when you see the design. I was able to incorporate some ideas that have been swimming around in my head for a while. Wish I could tell you more about it but you'll just have to wait until April!

On Saturday, I have the privilege of speaking at a 3-day photography workshop hosted by Jen Kroll, John Pottenger and Holly Henderson. I'm looking forward to great dialogue with aspiring photographers. And talking about how important the photographer/event planner relationship is.

Since I only got 4 hours of sleep last night, it's time to retire to slumberland so I can wake up refreshed and ready for the activities that await me tomorrow. Until then!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Interview with Happy Hour Bride

Last week I received a lovely email from the publisher of Happy Hour Bride. She had stumbled upon my website and asked if she could feature me in an upcoming post. I was flattered.

Today she posted my interview and I thought you might like to read it. I'm really impressed with the Happy Hour Bride blog and I think you'll like it, too!


New Blog and Random Thoughts

So I haven't posted in a couple of days because I wanted to keep traffic at a minimum while the blog was under construction. We're still tweaking the design a bit and you will see a few changes over the next 24 hours. But for the most part, we're rockin' and rollin'! What do you think? {Thanks Shabby Creations for your great work!}

I had an amazing time connecting with friends and making new ones {Randi of TaDa Event Planning, that's you!} at the Michigan Wedding and Event Planner's Meeting {MWEP} last night. So many wonderful people came out and it was an honor to talk with each one of you. And for those who said to me, " I read your blog and follow your work and I was nervous to talk to you," I say, STOP IT! I love new friends in the industry and I don't bite, I promise :) This is a journey we're all on together. And it's much more fun making friends along the way. So stop stalking the blog and start leaving comments for me so we can interact! :)

This brings me to a 'somewhat' related topic. My dear friend Jessica from MI Photobooth told me last night that her three friends planning their weddings {they are 2 weeks apart from each other} are all thinking of a black and white/ivory color scheme. To those friends I say, come over to my office with Jessica in the next couple of weeks and let's look through my linen books so you can all see the scrumptious colors available to you! I'll help all three of you pick out your palettes so they are as unique as each one of you!

Have a wonderful day all!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Zinc Place Tags

I recently stumbled upon the most unique boutique in London called Cox & Cox. They offer some of the coolest event decor I have seen in a long time. These adorable zinc place tags really caught my eye. I've not seen anything like them which always excites me. What a perfect compliment to a vintage inspired wedding!

{photo credit: Cox&Cox}

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts

Today seems like a perfect day to share some random thoughts:

  1. It's not just cold in West Michigan today, it's bitter! And I am stick to death of this weather!
  2. I went to dinner last night with Jenn and Dana and we had the best conversation.
  3. Trust me when I say, there are plans in the works that will make Grand Rapids a destination for all Michigan brides-to-be. What's going to take place in the next 3-6 months will change the way people plan their events!
  4. It's so exciting I couldn't sleep last night.
  5. My assistant left for NYC this morning and she'll be gone until next week. What am I going to do without her?!
  6. We've begun work on the fabulous new website. We plan to roll it out in 3-4 weeks.
  7. A new blog design will roll out at the same time.
  8. And a new logo, too!
  9. I'm in love with my Pulse Smartpen. It's changing my life one written word at a time!
  10. And I love the person who gave it to me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Exciting News!


Some very exciting news came my way via the publicist today! I am going to be one of the featured planners in the tablescape section of the national publication, Bride & Bloom. I think I'm still floating somewhere around 30,000 feet right now. And couldn't be more excited and humbled by this opportunity!

This week I will be working hard to concept an amazing tablescape worthy of this equally amazing publication. If you've never seen a copy of this magazine, you must buy one today - or better yet wait until the issue I'm contributing to comes out in April! It's simply a divine glossy. And I've been a huge fan since it came out a couple of years ago.

I'll let you know when it hits the stands. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Q&A Series

I have been receiving a lot of emails from blog readers regarding ideas/solutions for their specific event and/or how to break into the business. It's such a joy to receive these emails because it tells me you value my opinion. And that is so flattering!

So, I have decided to make every Wednesday a Q&A day. You can ask me {just about} anything you want about my business or your event. And I will share my opinion with you and other blog readers. Your first name and question will be posted on my blog along with my answer to that question.

Here's what you do. Send your name and question to jodi {@} in-any-event {dot} org. Each Wednesday I will answer a reader's question as best I can. As long as I continue to receive questions, I will continue this series. I do reserve the right to decide which questions will be answered and when they will be answered. So please send respectful and legitimate questions only{as I know you will!}.

Can't wait to hear from you!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Under Construction!

The office will be morphing into a vision of beauty soon! The furniture above will grace its hallowed walls next week which means we need to get everything painted. I found a beautiful new office suite for Jill {my personal assistant} and I'm taking her to see it this afternoon. If she likes, it's hers!

In the next few weeks I hope to have photos for you all to see. A lot has to happen, though. New carpet, new trim, reorganization, new furniture for client seating area, and the list goes on. Needless to say, it won't be boring around here!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm taking my kiddos swimming tonight while CPA has the boys over for Poker Night. He's requested that I make my enchiladas and taco dip. So, off to the store I must go!


{photo credit - Grandin Road}

Thursday, February 12, 2009

twobirds bridesmaid

My very dear friend Jen {who knows how to work a sewing machine like no one I've ever met}, recently told me about an amazing shop called twobirds bridesmaid. This unique bridesmaid dress company offers a one-size fits all dress that can be wrapped 10 different ways. I know what you're thinking and no, it's not a tacky moo-moo style dress. Jump over to their website and tell me what you think!

{photo credit - twobirds bridesmaid}

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5 Must-Haves

Jessica at MIPhotobooth sent an email asking me to post 5 must-have's for the budget-conscience bride. It seems that she has a number of friends getting married this summer and she wondered what I would tell them they 'need'. So, here goes!

  1. Theme - Think about what you and your fiancee like. Do you love to be outdoors? Did you meet on the baseball field? Do you love music and theatre? Is the beach where you want to be? Figure out what you love and weave that into your day.

  2. Color - Every wedding or event needs it. Figure out what colors speak to you and go with them. I always infuse at least three colors into every event I design. Try to do the same.

  3. Linens - This is a non-negotiable in my book. I don't care how small a budget you have, spend some of the money on a great table linen and napkin. It's what will set a ho-hum event apart from a 'wow' event.

  4. Coordinated Paper Suites - You may not have the budget for fancy letterpress but you can still do a rockin' invitation suite. Go to a scrapbook store and find papers that you love. Use it to make your invitations {side note: there are lots of free fonts available online...find two that you love and use both of for your names and the second for the remaining copy}, programs, escort cards, place cards, menu cards and favor gift tags. I never do an event without all six of these coordinated pieces.

  5. Good Food - We've all had the rubber chicken at weddings and when we leave that's all we remember. Don't skimp on good food. Limit the bar or even do away with it if that will allow you to offer a great meal and a couple nice appetizers. To find more money for food in your budget, consider offering just a 'signature' drink during cocktail hour and a couple of appetizers and then a fabulous meal. You may also want to limit the number of people you invite in order to offer something spectacular.

There you have it! My list of 5 must-haves for a beautiful and memorable event. What are your must-haves?


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's a...Birdcage?

You've seen paper lanterns and hanging votive holders decorating the ceiling of tents and event spaces. But what about birdcages? I ran across this adorable birdcage on Anthropology and immediately thought how perfectly this decor element would lend itself to a vintage-inspired wedding.

There are so many things that could be placed inside. A beautiful pillar candle in a glass holder. Gorgeous orchid strands. A boston fern. The possibilities are endless!

{photo credit - Anthropology}

Monday, February 9, 2009

TV or Kitchen Table?

There was a great article in the Home and Garden section of my local Sunday paper yesterday. In it, the author talked about eating in front of the television vs. eating at the kitchen table. The article got me thinking about my own family and the habits we're forming.

It is a hard and fast rule in our house that no television is on during our meal hours. This rule applies to breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my opinion, meal time is meant for un-plugging from all of the electronic devices that surround us on a daily basis. It's a time that we can talk and catch-up with one another on the day's activities. Even before CPA and I had children, we never ate our meals in front of the television. It's something that wasn't allowed in either of our homes growing up. And I think we just carried that over into our own lives because we saw the benefit of it.

But, I'm curious. What is your opinion on this topic? Did you grow up in a house where eating in front of the television was the norm and now you've changed that? Or do you frequently eat in front of the television to unwind? Does being single vs. having a family make a difference with this habit? Do tell!

{photo credit - West Elm}

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Color Blocking

You may have heard how hot color blocking is this year. It's popping up in interior design, fashion design, and event design. This dress caught my eye while thumbing through the summer Boden catalog tonight. And serves as a perfect example of how color blocking works.

Don't you think this dress would make the most wonderful bridesmaid dress? Pair it with that amazing clutch and you have the perfect ensemble. Best of all, it's under $100!

{photo credit - Boden}

Christmas in February?

Over here at In Any Event, it is! So many great 'gifts' this past week. Signed a new client that I am really excited about. Received not one but two {!} boxes full of amazing books to add to our library {titles include Fantasty Weddings by Preston Bailey, Wedding Chic by Colin Cowie, Simple Stunning Wedding Flowers by Karen Bussen and lots more!}. Signed on the dotted line for an amazing new website. Purchased new office furniture for myself and beautiful excutive office furniture for CPA. Received great news about potential publication in an amazing magazine. So much to be thankful for. So many blessings. Life is good.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Introducing...Designs by Robyn Love

Have you ever looked at photos from our events and wondered who did the calligraphy? Well, I'm proud to tell you. Her name is Robyn Steele and she owns Designs by Robyn Love. I think she's one of the hottest secrets in the state of Michigan!

We began working with Robyn about a year ago and we haven't looked back since! Her amazing ability to 'copy' a font on the invitation is something I have never seen before. In my experience, calligraphers often specialize in just a few fonts. This is limiting for me because each client I work with wants to see something new and fresh. Robyn can offer that in the world of hand lettering. She's mastered some pretty amazing fonts for me and she does it with excitement!

Robyn's prices are very reasonable which makes her accessible to every bride on every budget. Be sure to check out her website and blog. And tell her I sent you!


PS - Robyn's running a great special right now. You can read more about it here.

Quote of the Day

“It's really easy to defiantly declare "I don't have time for (fill in the blank) because I am a mother with three kids". I make time for networking, blogging, learning, and reading because it pays the bills. I also make time for playing, reading bedtime stories and running in the park, because it pays the heart. I never use my children as an excuse as to why I can't do something. It's like using motherhood as crutch. My children and husband aren't liabilities or casualties of my hard work; they are my motivation for it.”

- Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe Inc, tells The Smart Planner on using your family as an inspiration to succeed rather than an excuse for not being able to achieve your goals.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Star Struck by Tara

I'll admit it. I was star struck while at The Special Event 2009. By who, you ask? Well, Tara Guerard of Soiree, that's who.

As I was looking at the great new products available at 10 Strawberry Street, I glanced over and realized I was standing next to the Tara. You know, the one who has Martha Stewart on speed dial. The one who's considered the 'it' girl of the South. The one who produces some of the most beautiful events I have ever seen!

Instead of introducing myself, I got all tongue tied. Crazy, I know. So, last night as I was trying to fall sleep, I thought about all of the things I would have asked her. 'Where does your inspiration come from?' 'How do you balance a young family and a thriving business?''Did you enjoy the book writing process and what was it like?' You know, just the kinds of questions that any other star-struck planner would ask!

Then I got to thinking, maybe many of you don't know about Soiree or Tara's book, Southern Weddings. Or even her amazing invitation company, The Lettered Olive. So if you don't, you simply must check her out. Because you won't be disappointed!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3- The Special Event 2009

Jenn and I spent a lot of Day 3 walking up and down the trade show floor. We saw a ton of great new products and companies that I want to tell you about. Here's a highlight of my favs:

  • La Tavola Linen was the star of the show, in my opinion! Sasha Souza talked about this company in her lecture so I was excited to speak with them and learn more about their products. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Their linens are simply fabulous. And the price point is remarkable. The average rental cost per couture linen is between $35-$55. An excellent price for the quality!
  • 10 Strawberry Street has some great new tableware on the market for 2009. This company supplies rental establishments with their chargers, china, flatware, stemware and serving pieces. I'm fortunate that my friends at Special Events Rental are willing to purchase items that I like for their rental inventory. Oooh, do I have a list for them!
  • Flyboy Naturals offers the most scrumptious eco-friendly freeze-dried rose petals I have ever seen. The colors they offer are just magnificent. And you should have seen the way they displayed them in their booth: in darling acyclic boxes and tubes stacked on top of each other in graduating colors and hues. It was just beautiful!
  • The Chameleon Chair Collection needs no introduction. They're just that fabulous. I hope 2009 brings the opportunity to use these amazing chairs because I'm a little bored with the chivari chair these days.
  • Dream World Backdrops offered a product that I haven't needed in the past but may in the future. Now I know where to go! This company had some of the best looking backdrops I have ever seen. Usually I think backdrops look tacky. These didn't, though. They were very classy and I am so happy to add them to my coffers of knowledge.
  • You all know I love the linens offered by Resource One. Well, their booth didn't disappoint and they even rolled out a new company at the show called the Linen Lounge. This sister company offers great linens at a much lower cost than those found at Resource One. Do check them out!
  • Solia is a company based in France that sells some of the most creative designer food packaging I have ever seen. I was down-right giddy as I inspected the mini-dishes for single portions. It was all so stinkin' cute I wanted it all!
  • The final find of the the day was Liquid Lava flooring. This amazing product literally has liquid sealed within the panels. When it's stepped on or touched, the liquid moves and swirls around one's feet and hands. In addition to the flooring, they also offer great cafe tables using the same liquid technology. Great stuff!

There were some other great booths on the floor including Wildflower Linen, BBJ Linen and The Cloth Connection. Linens were truly the highlight on the floor this year. Which further proves my theory that you can't have a beautiful event without beautiful linens!


Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 2 -The Special Event 2009

The highlight today (Wednesday) was the sold-out Wedding Luncheon at the Hard Rock Hotel. We had purchased VIP tickets that allowed us to view the cutting-edge tabletop designs an hour before other attendees. All I can say is AMAZING! But, you haven’t even heard the best news!

The keynote speaker was Carley Roney, editor-in-chief of The Knot, Inc. During her address she talked about today’s modern bride; what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and what she wants out of her big day. She showed images of rooms that today’s bride wants. {Okay dear blog readers, brace yourself!} And up pops a photo of our August wedding on the big screen! Can you even believe it? Unfortunately, I was trying to locate my Blackberry on the floor but Jenn hit me so hard when it came up, I nearly fell out of my seat!

I approached Carely after her speech to tell her she made my WEEK by placing an event we designed on the big screen. She apologized for not giving me credit. Oh please, like I was even thinking about that!
Blogs: Why Your Website Isn't Enough - Robyn Bomar of Mix, Mingle, GLOW

This was a greatly anticipated class. And boy did it deliver! I learned so many things about blogging that I didn't know. You're sure to see A LOT of changes to this blog over the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to implement all that I learned.

...But Are You Making Any Money - Marley Majcher of The Party Goddess

Suffice it to say, this was my favorite class of the week! I've been reading Marley's blog for over a year now and her stories make me laugh so hard that I want to cry! And she's just as funny in person.

I learned so many wonderful tips and tricks that make an event planning business even more profitable . I even learned some accounting practices that will help make dear CPA's life a little easier, too!

The Party Goddess is offering a great tool for all of you out there that want to be an event planner. She has named this new service, How to Be a Party Goddess. Simply go to the website and sign-up to receive free, informative emails that take you through the process, step-by-step. I signed up for this service even though I've been in the business for 15 years. And I really love what I've been reading. She's also offering one-on-one business coaching for more in-depth review {that's not free, though}.

Following Marley's class, Jenn and I had the privilege of enjoying cocktails with The Party Goddess and Robyn of Mix, Mingle, GLOW. What a privilege it was to have Marley answer so many questions with such candor. I so appreciated the time she took to answer some of the burning industry questions I've had that only someone of her stature could clarify for me.

Day 2 was such a great day for me. My head was spinning by the time it hit the pillow but I learned the most that day. No question about it.