Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Recap...

You've seen the luscious photos, now it's time to talk about the details!

First, I have to tell you what a stunning bride Liz was! Seriously, she was gorgeous...just look at her! She wore one of the most amazing Vera Wang gowns I have ever seen. Her make-up was flawless , her pearl earrings were so elegant, and her groom was dashing!

Liz and Curt are a very fun-loving couple. They're low-key and casual and were such a joy to work with! Early on, we conceptualized an event that truly reflected their style. That meant fun colors, not a lot of fuss, and personalized details.

Some of those personalized details included a typewriter guestbook, a cookie bar with recipe booklets, escort cards whimsically arranged in trays of wheat grass, a fabulous hand painted aisle runner, white buckets filled with different sized craft pom poms (orange, blue, green and white) to throw while the bride and groom entered the trolley, a fresh invitation suite by Bella Figura, fun and funky floral arrangements by Modern Day Floral , and great linens by Cloth Connection and Resource One.

In addition, we had awesome lighting by Odyssey Lighting (I love these guys!), amazing a/v and sound support from Blue Water Technologies, great venue service from Cascade Hills Country Club, and awesome entertainment by the Bill Pollack Orchestra from Chicago.

As always, there are little things that 'happen' that you just can't plan for. This wedding proved to be no different. I wouldn't typically bring these things up but this is just so unbelievable that I've got to share!

The wedding was scheduled to start at 5:30pm. At approximately 5:00pm, I peeked my head out the front doors of the church to monitor the weather situation (rain was in the forecast and we had a decked-out tent for cocktail hour). To my surprise, at the entrance to the church I found several fire trucks, an ambulance, a couple of police cars and a whole slew of people. And they were all blocking the exact pathway that would soon welcome 150+ cars. With my mind racing as to what in the world was going on, I walked down the driveway to speak with the officers and assess the situation. Seems that 80 mopeds were making their way through the city when two of them collided, right in front of the church entrance!

I politely asked the officers if everyone was okay and then informed them that in a mere 15 minutes there were going to be a whole lot of cars trying to get into the parking lot. I also asked them if it would be okay for my staff to direct traffic to an alternative entrance that was rather obscure. They agreed to that plan and I got everyone in place to make that happen.

Thankfully, the plan did not have to go into full swing as the officers were nice enough to move the intake process away from the entrance in enough time for cars to arrive. I'm pretty sure I aged a whole year in those 15 minutes!

That aside, everything ran smoothly and on-time and I'm quite sure everyone in attendance had a marvelous time!


More Photos from the Glorious Wedding

Just received a few more photos from Jen Kroll Photography this afternoon. Thought I would share a few more details with you. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Glorious Wedding

As promised, Jen of Jen Kroll Photography sent me some amazing photos from Saturday's wedding. It was an amazing day and I promise to give you a more detailed play-by-play in the next post. But, I must go to bed because I have a very early client meeting in the morning. So, I'll leave you with these amazing shots...


Photos Coming Soon!

I'm so anxious to share photos of Saturday's wedding with you! Though the weather didn't cooperate, the evening was simply magical!

Jen Kroll just sent me an email to tell me to expect some lovely detail shots in my inbox this evening. I simply can't wait!

Do stay tuned!


We're Expanding!

I'm thrilled to announce that I have a new assistant! Jill has joined our staff and will have the ever-so-challenging task of keeping me organized and the office running smoothly.

Jill is a recent graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in fashion and textile design. Not only will she help put out the daily fires, she'll also be responsible for our design and concept boards since she's the only one in the office that can draw :) I'm thrilled to have someone on staff who can do that for us now!

Not only are we expanding our staff, but we've also just signed a lease on a new storage facility for all of our wares! CPA is thrilled at the thought of using the garage for its intended purpose again. And quite frankly, so am I.


As Seen In...

Interested in some holiday party ideas? Then you'll have to check out this magazine. I was interviewed for an article entitled, 36 Perfect Holiday Party Ideas

Michigan Meetings + Events is a great publication. And if you're an event planner or aspiring event planner, you'll want to be sure to subscribe. The best part is that it's free.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Note to Self

Note to self: ALWAYS keep your portfolio up-to-date so that you don't have to stay up until the crack of dawn pulling together photos and samples for a potential client to review. (The portfolio was five events behind...YIKES!)

Second note to self: Thank John from Coastline Studios for meeting me at his studio last night to help me print photos off his uber-amazing printer! I think the thought of me printing his photos at Meijers (grocery store) nearly put him into cardiac arrest!


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unity Candle

CPA and I attended the wedding of our former nanny on Friday night. It was a lovely affair and it's always a treat to attend a wedding that I'm not responsible for!

One of the things we always do at our weddings is prime the wick of the unity candle -- in layman's terms that means light the candles and blow them out. By doing this, we eliminate the possibility that the candles won't light during the ceremony while all eyes are on.

This very thing happened to the mother-of-the-bride on Friday night. She just couldn't get the candle lit. After several attempts, she finally got the candle lit and then received a little chuckle and round of applause from those in the sanctuary. I have to admit, this scene had me squirming in my seat. And I even leaned over to CPA and said, 'I need to blog about this.'

Priming wicks is something that gets overlooked too often. It only takes a second to do and can save a whole minute or more of frustration later. I encourage you, as the bride, to ask your florist, master and mistress of ceremony or wedding planner to make sure that the candles get lit before hand so there will be no awkward moments during the ceremony. I promise, you won't be sorry you asked!


Lookin' at the Week Ahead.....

It's going to be a busy week in the office. Our beautiful bride, Liz, is getting married on Saturday and I can't wait to post photos of this amazing wedding and all of it's equally amazing details. The six page schedule of events is complete and after some fine tuning of the guest list and assigned seating we'll be ready to rock-n-roll.

We'll also be updating the website this week so do stay tuned! I'll be sure to post when the changes have been made. The new photos are spectacular and I can't wait for you to see them.

I'm also excited to report that we've hired a new accountant! Nicole will begin after Labor Day and we're all so excited. Though my dear husband is a darn good CPA (don't worry, I'll still continue to refer to him as such on the blog :) he's tired of working as the finance manager for a multi-million dollar company all day long and coming home to face the books of In Any Event at night. Can't say I blame him in the least. So, since I don't claim to be a worthy candidate for the job, we decided it would be best to hire an accountant to handle the day-to-day billing and bank reconciliation. As I've said, in the words of Martha Stewart, 'It's a good thing.'

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What a Fun Vase!

I was searching for a unique vase for an upcoming event and found this little number! It won't work for what I'm looking for but I just had to share because I think it's so stinkin' cute!

For a mere $6.95 at CB2, this beauty could be yours! I think I'm going to order a couple to give to my kid's teachers some gloomy winter day!


The Winner Is......

Last week I told you about the great promo running at Bella Figura and how I was able to help. I also told you about the contest I was running to win the invitation pack I curated. Three people left comments and I've decided all three will receive the pack of invites! The winners are Aletha of Pearls Events, Holly of Holly Henderson Photography and Dawn of LaStoria Foto.

Incidentally, Dawn and her husband Bob own LaStoria Foto based in Chicago. We both have a dear friend in common, Jen Kroll. Bob is a world renowned photographer and just last year traveled to Paris to shoot the wedding of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. I have heard the most amazing things about Bob and Dawn from Jen and I can't wait to meet both of them when Bob second shoots for Jen at a wedding In Any Event is producing this fall.

Thanks for commenting ladies! Your invitations are on the way!


There She Goes Again

Holy smokes, Jen of Jen Kroll Photography did it again! Here is my beautiful sister Kara, and her fiancee, Jason. You've got to check out the other engagement photos on her blog. Truly spectacular!

Way to rock that new camera, Jen! Love you dear!


Ode to Resource One

Allow me to introduce you to Resource One by Roberta Karsch , my favorite linen rental company. Their couture linens are simply fabulous. Their designs are cutting-edge and the materials they use are like none I've ever seen.

I've been using Resource One a lot lately. In part because their product is so unique which allows me to offer my clients the unexpected. They use a lot of trim, beading, fur, feathers, and pailettes on their linens. Their color pairings are scrumptious and the chair treatments they offer are unbelievable!

If you haven't heard of Resource One before, you just have to check their stuff out. I can't say they're the most economical linen company so be prepared to pay for the unique and cutting-edge designs. But I promise, it will be worth it!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Featured on.....

Yours truly is featured on The Smart Planner today. How fun is that! About a month ago, Liene, owner of The Smart Planner, contacted me to see if I'd be willing to be profiled in her weekly, Meet the Planners, series. What an honor!

This amazing blog is dedicated to helping event planners grow and develop their businesses. Topics range from helpful hints to best practices to profiles of those who subscribe to her series. Her posts are insightful, thought provoking and motivational!

Thanks for asking me to participate, Liene!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Good Day

*photo courtesy of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Today was a good day. A great day, in fact! Have I told you all before that I love what I do?! Seriously, I adore it. CPA often tells people I love it so much I'd do it for free. And you know what, he's right!

My day began with a visit to Cygnus 27, the site of a rehearsal dinner this fall. The space was remodeled a couple of years ago and it's fantastic! We're closing the restaurant down for this party and I couldn't be more excited about the existing decor I get to work with. It's not often that I walk into a room and say, 'Yep, that can stay....and that can stay....and that's just fabulous.' My site visits go a little more like this, 'Can we move this out.....can that be covered......are you sure you can't unbolt that from the floor and make it disappear?'

After the site visit, I swung by to visit my friends at Modern Day Floral and watch them create the centerpiece for a table set-up later in the afternoon. All I have to say is WOW! What they created for the client was breathtaking!

I then proceeded to the JW Marriott to set up several tables with linens, china, flatware and stemware. The Modern Day girls arrived shortly after with the floral miracles and *POOF* we had AMAZING. When the client walked in with her fiancee and mother, the smile on her face said it all. Right then and there I knew we had captured her vision and made it a reality.

Today was a good day. A great day, in fact!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ode to Amy Butler

*photo courtesy of Amy Butler Design, Inc.

Those who know me on a personal level, know I love, love, love to sew! I don't get to do it very often these days but it's something I find to be so relaxing. The humming of the sewing machine puts me into a happy little trance :)

My favorite fabric designer is Amy Butler. Her yummy fabrics are candy to my senses! Her soft cottons, gorgeous color combinations, and vintage-inspired designs make me want to swoon. So, imagine my sheer excitement when I found out she's now designing eco-friendly tableware and gift wrap....two of my favorite things! I've never seen anything like this stuff! The colors, the designs, ooohhh, it's almost too much to take in! I can already envision a small garden party using these amazing paper products accompanied by drinks served in mason jars, Amy Butler stationery as the party favor.... *happy sigh*. Anyone out there want me to plan a party for them with all these goodies???? I'm lookin' for takers!


Givin' a Shout Out

Just wanted to give a quick 'Shout Out' to Alicia over at A Day in May. Alicia recently launched an event planning firm and in my opinion is a rising star! Alicia lives and works in the Traverse City area. She's got a background in art which will translate into strong event design. I've had a number of opportunities to talk to Alicia about the business and what her visions and dreams are. So much of what we want for our businesses are the same. Hence, the instant connection.

Alicia, best wishes to you as you pursue your dreams! Great work on the website and the blog!


They're Here........

Great news! The new walkie- talkies arrived today. My kids think they've hit the jack-pot and now have four new toys to play with. Little do they know not only will they never touch these things, I nearly spent their entire inheritance on them! Well, it wasn't that bad but good gracious I nearly had a heart attack when the bill arrived! Someone's making a whole lot of $$$ on these little technological wonders!

So, the new walkie-talkies will make their debut in just a few short weeks. Can't wait to tell you how they worked. Remember the mantra, it's just the little things that make this event planner so happy :)


Monday, August 4, 2008

Choosing the Right Colors

When I work with clients on color and color scheme, I often refer to my Pantone guide for inspiration. If you're wondering what a Pantone guide is, let me tell you. In simple terms, Pantone is a color system for selecting, specifying, and controlling color.

So, for instance, when I work with designers on invitations, I pick the ink color using my Pantone guide. From there, all additional color elements are selected and joined together. The color 'chips' can be removed and placed on concept boards for clients to visualize. This helps both designer and client know what the finished product will look like.

Unfortunately, Pantone guides are not cheap. They're kinda pricey, in fact. A wonderful and useful tool for anyone needing to talk 'printer language' but maybe not as accessible to the average individual. That's why I'd like to give you a few ideas to help inspire your color palette.

The first option to consider would be the purchase of a Benjamin Moore or Graham paint color fan deck. I have found mine to be so useful in color selection and I believe I paid under $15 each. Another option that's even cheaper would be a huge box of crayola crayons. I'm talking the 64 pack with the built-in sharpener! I think crayons come in such beautiful hues and these, too, could assist in the selection of a color palette.

Another fun and useful tool, the idea courtesty of my friend Jennifer at Modern Day Floral, is The Color Scheme Bible . I just ordered my copy on Amazon and can't wait for it to arrive!This beautiful book blends colors together in an inspirational way. So, if you're challenged in the area of color-pairings, this is the book for you! On each page is a 'base' color and 5 to 8 additional colors that work with the base color. Brilliant! Why didn't I think of writing and publishing that?! This book was meant to give decorators inspirational ideas for interior design but there's no reason that we can't use it to inspire event designs!

This book is a mere $20. And $20 well spent, I believe. CPA may disagree but hey, wouldn't be the first time he thought my purchases were 'unnecessary!' As long as it's under the guise of 'work expense' he's good because that means 'tax write-off.' Love that left brained, man :)

So, if you have trouble visualizing color pairings, this is the book for you! And even if you don't have trouble in this area, the combinations that they've developed will knock your socks off. Happy color pairing!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Just Any Handbag......

I love great gifts. I like to get them but I love to give them! So I got to thinking one day. What can I give my brides and their bridesmaids that will be pretty and practical at the same time? Then it dawned on me, what about a custom bag by my dear, dear, friend Jen of Handbags! That way the girls will all have something pretty to schlep their stuff in!

So, I called Jen one afternoon and asked her to design a bag for In Any Event that can be customized to each bride's color palette.
Jen rose to the occasion and designed an amazing bag for me!

Just yesterday I was reading Jen's blog and noticed she had posted a sneak peek at the August bride's bag. Aren't the fabrics fantastic? I always have the bride's new initials monogrammed on her bag so that it's a little different then her maids. This bag is still 'under-construction' (no strap, yet) but when they're all done, I'll have Jen take a photo and post the finished product.

Thanks for the beauitful bags, Jen. My brides love them and I can't wait to give these beauties away in August!


Wax Seals

In my search for the perfect wax seal for a client, I happened upon this great company. And I just had to share this new find with you. Wax Works has perfected a faux-wax seal that is self-adhesive (!), doesn't crack like traditional wax and can be placed on the outside of an envelope and still mailed! That just makes me want to smile!

This seal comes in so many colors and styles and can even be customized to fit a specific theme. And the best part is you can get many of them for under $1 each. In the words of Martha Stewart, "That's a good thing."