Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PART 3: ArtPrize Room #3, "The Swanky Room"

We have now arrived at our third and final room. And I'm not afraid to say it, I LOVE this space! It was my favorite to design because the colors are so fabulous. With all the rich purple draping, velvet linens, ice sculpture pedestals and overall swanky feel, I think it turned out marvelously!

Once again, I need to send huge props out to my favorite three musketeers over at Special Events Rental {yep, that's you Larry, Mike and Todd!}. These guys work tirelessly for me. They make my visions come to life and are just fantastic to work with.

In this room we offered all kinds of wonderful sweets. Can you think of a more perfect way to end an evening than with delightful desserts catered in by the Amway and lovely signature cocktails from Martha's Vineyard? Me either!

Plans are already underway for the 2010 version of this party! I've got lots of ideas swimming in my head and am anxious to spend some time in the next few months scouting a perfect venue for these ideas!


PS - Once again, I need to thank Jen Kroll for her amazing work photographing these events! Girl, you rock!


Keli Morris said...

I love this room. The rich purple tones are amazing!

Connie Westendorp said...

You are truly amazing, Jodi. I sit in awe of the transformation of these rooms...the before and after. What a gift you've been given. Keep up the GREAT work!