Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Adding Flare to Wedding Shoes {No design skills required!}

I have been tirelessly searching for the perfect shoe to wear on my wedding day. And can I just tell you that finding that "perfect wedding shoe" has felt next to impossible? Sure, there are plenty of great designer shoes out there {Stuart Weitzman is always a fave}, and even some decent finds on Ebay. But nothing seems to be floating my boat these days.

My original thought was to settle for something basic. And that is when the thought of a customizable option came to mind. Naturally, I hopped onto Etsy to see what I could find. And as luck would have it, I found these. Adorable, ruffled clips that you can add onto any simple shoe. How perfect are they! Especially since I have ruffle details floating all throughout my wedding.

Now, I know not every bride or client wants ruffles. But not to fear! There are tons of options. Some with a little bling, some with texture, some with fun colors, and some that are just flat-out pretty.

Whatever your preference, there are truly enough styles to go around. These are even great to switch up the style on your basic pumps. You know, the ones you have in your closet that you have worn over and over {and over} again! The ones you absolutely refuse to toss out. How great is it that most clips costs less than $25? That is a lot less than buying a brand new pair of shoes. And you can change them from one pair of shoes to the next. Flats, heels, even sandals ...you name it. Sounds like the perfect win-win situation to me.

~ Jillian


meghan said...

Hey Jillian! I recommended the same etsy flower clips to a friend that's getting married next weekend - she'll have pink shoes with a pretty flower on the toe! Great minds think alike : )

Lauren said...

We have the same shoe style! Simple pink heel with a fluffy pink flower on the side. You should check out the JCrew kids jewelry (and sale section!) They have TONS of fun stuff!

p.s. How fun would it be to design shoes? Sigh...dream job....