Friday, January 8, 2010

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - Trying out a unique registy!

Christmas vacation was the perfect opportunity to get wedding stuff done. And that "stuff" included updating our wedding registries. Finally. About two months ago, Chris and I set up three different registries. All which desperately needed to be tweaked. Two of the registries we chose are more conventional options (Bed Bath and Beyond and Pottery Barn)...and the third one is just a little different from the norm. We selected a honeymoon registry, which was created on

Here is my favorite part of this unique registry. Even though most honeymoon registry sites take a percentage of the monetary gift given to you, Honeyfund is truly free to use. Plus, the money gets sent directly from your gift-giver to you. So you can rest assured knowing that money is only changing hands between you and people you trust. No third parties to worry about. To find out more about how this all works and to see samples of the insanely fun activities you can register for (Sunset Cruise with Champagne, anyone?), click here and check it out!

I'll admit, the honeymoon registry is kind of experimental. I do not know anyone personally who has done one, so I thought "Why not give it a try?" After all, traveling together is our favorite thing to do. So it fits. Many couples these days are branching off and really starting to write their own rules when it comes to weddings. And registries are no exception to this change. So here's to hoping our guests bite at this new idea!

The way I see it, your registry is just one more way to personalize things and show your guests what's important to you as a couple.

~ Jillian


MamaGray said...

I think that idea is kind of tacky...sorry.

Jillian said...

No need to be sorry! There are a lot of people who agree with you on this one. Some people like this idea, some prefer more traditional options. That is why it's experimental.

Our friends and family know we are not going to buy a house for another year. Most home items will be stored until we have our new home. This is what sparked the Honeyfund idea. Friends wanted to give something that we could use right away. So we brainstormed what might be fun.

There are many new, non-traditional registries (backyard entertainment, sporting goods, wine, etc) and it's hard to say what guests will enjoy. But I will definitely report back and let you know how this is being received by others.

Thank you for your thoughts. It's helpful to know what everyone's take on this is!


Erin Marie said...

I love this idea... I totally agree with you about friends and family wanting to give the soon to be newlyweds a gift they can use more immediately. We won't be buying a house for a while either, so this makes a great registry option.