Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PART 2: ArtPrize Room #2, "The Modern Room"

Now, onto the second room. After the guests left 'The Organic Room,' they were introduced to a crisp, clean area. This room had an unexpected and uniquely fun color palette of blue and yellow, and was spiked with clean white and grey accents. This is the space where the guests danced the night away.

What were some of the unique details, you might be wondering? Well, the first thing worth mentioning is the full-sized custom ice bar. Which was created by our favorite guys over at Ice Sculptures Ltd. They always do a fantastic job for us. Always. And the ice bar was awe-inspiring. The second detail that we loved was the sea of George Nelson bubble lights, which hung above cocktail tables draped in blue suede linens. Yes, I did say suede! How fun is that.

The floral accents were simple but full of impact. And added just the touch of warmth the space needed!

My favorite room is up next....Room #3!



Amanda said...

I LOVE the lighting especially the blue!!!