Sunday, January 17, 2010


Two posts in one day? Shocking, I know! But this was just too good to wait and announce on Tuesday! You remember that other company that we've been working so hard to develop? You know, the one called Gwyneth Paige {couture letterpress}? Yeah, that one! Well, if you follow that blog, you know what a fantastic job our Creative Director, Andrea, does with all of her posts. She's a natural, our Andrea. And we love every ounce of her!

I'm so excited to announce that Andrea will be a weekly guest blogger on Style Me Pretty on behalf of Gwyneth Paige {couture letterpress}. Yes, you read that right! Beginning today, she'll post twice a week for the amazing Abby over at SMP. We've known about this for a little over a week now but have had to keep it under wraps. Andrea applied for this opportunity about a month ago and amongst hundreds of applicants, she was one of just a few that was asked to write for this ultimate wedding blog.

You can only image how excited and proud we are. Andrea is such a vital part of Gwyneth Paige and who we are as a company. Andrea loves this company as much as I do. We all give 110% and I could not tackle this ginormous venture without her.

Please join me in congratulating Andrea!