Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ArtPrize Photos in Full: Intro to the Mini Series

Okay. I screwed up. Jill wrote this lovely post for you to read prior to the reveal of the first room. So, please read through and take a look at the space before the transformation occurred. ~jodi

Remember how we mentioned during Christmas break that we had never-before-seen ArtPrize photos? Well, they are finally ready to be shared with you.

Let me back up for a quick second to say a few things. Maybe I said it before, but it's important to reiterate this point. ArtPrize 2009 was amazing. Amazing for Grand Rapids, amazing for Michigan, and amazing for artists around the globe. And the opportunity to be a part of ArtPrize was, in a few words, wonderfully insane. I don't think Grand Rapids anticipated the kick-off year for this world-wide competition to be as huge as it was. But it was truly a smashing success. Thank you to everyone involved. The creators, vendors, artists, the community... everyone.

Like so many other people who were on-board to make this grand concept come together, we were able to lend our hands to this event. And true to form, we did so in our own special, In Any Event, kind of way. In other words, we got to seriously deck out the ArtPrize parties! And we loved it. Transforming spaces into something spectacular is what we live and breathe for around here.

In particular, it was the private party that followed the closing ceremony of ArtPrize that we indulged ourselves in. And this is the party that we are unveiling to you now. Because this party was a collection of three different rooms, with three completely different styles, we figured what better way to share it with you than in a blog series!

We have three rooms to show you. Room number one is on deck ...but first, take a peek at the space before it's transformation.

Real pretty, right? Stay tuned.

~ Jillian