Saturday, March 7, 2009

What Inspires You?

This is a question I hear often. And I wish I had a definitive list to share with you because I would. Reflecting on this though, I've decided there are a million things that I absorb throughout each day. Here's just a few:

  1. Fashion - I love people watching and I love to see what they're wearing. More importantly, I love to look at women's necklaces. Many times women wear necklaces that add an extra pop of color not necessarily found in the outfit. And it's that different color combination that catches my eye.
  2. Home Dec Magazines - I think I subscribe to 8 of them. And when they arrive in the mailbox I devour them. I hate to admit it, but very rarely do I read the articles. I'm more interested in the pictures.
  3. Direct Mail - I know this sounds crazy but I love a good piece of junk mail. Some of my favorites are the ones that come from furniture and clothing stores. I can remember one I received about 5 years ago {that I still have} because the color combination they used was so spectacular: purple, orange and olive green!
  4. Life - Just look around you. God created some of the most amazing colors right in nature. The greens, blues, purples, pinks...the list could go on. I'm looking out my window on a dreary and rainy day but yet I see a perfect color combination through it: brown (from the tree branches), grey (from the sky) and yellow (from the dormant grass). Voila! You've got a modern palette for a fall wedding!

Don't limit yourself when looking for inspiration. Open your mind up to everything around you so that you can be inspired all day long!



Jenn-Modern Day Floral said...

love this post! I'm curious what home decor magazines you subscribe to? One of my favorites, Domino, went out of business so I'm looking for a good replacement. Any suggestions?

laura harrison said...

Oh no domino went out of business! I just subscribed to their mag ... boo! I second that decoration magazines are fantastic!