Monday, March 9, 2009

The Business of Being Creative

Not long ago, I began reading {no, devouring!} a blog authored by Sean Low, President of Preston Bailey Designs. Entitled, 'The Business of Being Creative,' this blog aims to educate and inform those in the business of being creative. That means florists, event planners, photographers and anyone else who makes money from their art.

I am not kidding when I say I become giddy with excitement when my Google Reader tells me he's posted a new entry. His stuff is that good! He's one of the most brilliant thinkers in our industry and it's a privilege to read and absorb his advice {for free!}. If you're not following Sean, you need to be!



seanlow1 said...

Jodi -

You are really too kind. Thank you very much. I am so happy you are enjoying reading it. I love writing it.


Jenn-Modern Day Floral said...

As a fellow Sean Low junkie, his blog is a must read!