Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I've been mildly obsessed with ferns as of late. I go through these phases where I land on a particular foliage or flower and design an entire event {in my head} around it. From escort card through thank you gift, I've got the whole vision just waiting for the right couple to come along.

Well, in a stroke of luck, my baby brother got engaged over the weekend! He's eight years my junior {my fabulous parents had four of us in eight years...I don't know if they should be nominated for sainthood or the loony bin!} and I adore the kid! Of course we have our differences since I am a classic type A firstborn and he's a classic last child whom I think may have been a *little* babied by our mom :). Nevertheless, he's an amazing man and will be a spectacular husband and father someday.

I just got off the phone with him a few minutes ago. He was talking about some wedding details and what has been swimming around in his head as far as look and feel goes. Then came the light bulb moment! The fern theme created in my noggin would fit perfectly with what they want! Of course, I need to talk to his very beautiful fiancee about this all but I think I actually might get to use the concept!

Can't tell you any of my ideas, yet. Some are so creative I'm just giddy! But I'm curious. If you were to design a fern-themed wedding, what details come to your mind? Inquiring minds want to know!

{*photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens}


STLSarah said...

Congrats, Jason! :-)

jessica@miphotobooth.com said...

Hmmm... when I think of ferns I think of the woods. If I were creating an event inspired by the Fern, I might send invitations printed on wood. I might also incorporate some of those Red Ferns into the centerpieces- you don't see them very often. Ferns make a really great print, so I would try to utilize it in the decor. Perhaps a baby fern could be a favor for guests- I know I would love receiving one!