Friday, March 13, 2009

Studio 6.23

I jumped on Twitter this morning for my daily dose of ADD meds and ran across someone I had never heard of before. Why? I do not know. But it appears that they're a husband and wife photography team from West Michigan and I was *blown* away by what I saw on their website. Their names are Ben and Mindy Peterson and they are Studio 6.23. Talk about fun and funky. I think they might win the prize!

I love to read well-written copy. I think that goes back 15 years to my days as a copy writer for an ad agency. I especially love reading copy where I can hear the person's voice. Though I've never met Ben or Mindy, I could hear their voices coming through as I read every word.

So, this morning I emailed Mindy and asked her if I could be her new fan. She said I could :) Now all I need is a sassy bride with funky style and I'll be one happy event planner!


PS - Mindy says we can meet for coffee soon and she'll even bring her, 'hot husband along.' I like this girl already!


BEN @ STUDIO 623 said...

BEN <---- blushing. can't wait to meet you JODI!

mindy peterson said...

wow!!! thanks for your kind words! can't wait to meet you.. thanks for the LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Ben and Mindy have done a wonderful job. Thanks for introducing me to their video.

Kilee said...

i love twitter! i found my videographer on it and I'm flying him down from philly to puerto vallarta. talk about trusting one blindly!