Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ask Jodi Wednesday - Vintage Car Rental

I know what you're thinking. 'Wait a minute, it's Thursday.' Well, I had such a crazy day yesterday that I didn't have a chance to blog or Twitter. So, I'm going to answer a reader's question today, instead. Better late than never, I say :)

Meghan, who authored last week's question on rehearsal dinners, has sent me an email wondering if I knew where she could rent a classic car. Since Meghan is the executive assistant to one of my dearest clients, I'm thrilled that I get to help her out!

Her question about renting classic cars is one I hear often. Unfortunately, there is no where to go in the West Michigan area. However, there is a wonderful place in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham that I would highly recommend. I used them last year for a vintage Rolls Royce and was thrilled with their service and car selection.

The name of the company is Classic Auto Rentals. And they've got a wonderful selection of vintage and exotic cars you can rent by the day. They're closed until April but just leave them a message and they'll return your call promptly.


meghan said...

Oh Jodi! Thank you so much! I was not expecting my question to be answered in a post when I was checking in on your blog! I actually stumbled upon that company when I was searching last night. I'll definitely give them a call now that I know they have your stamp of approval!

You're the best! Thanks again! : )

ben @ STUDIO 623 said...

so, what i'm hearing is that i should rent out our bentley in West Michigan :) it'd be great to see some vintage cars at local weddings.

Troy said...


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