Friday, February 13, 2009

Under Construction!

The office will be morphing into a vision of beauty soon! The furniture above will grace its hallowed walls next week which means we need to get everything painted. I found a beautiful new office suite for Jill {my personal assistant} and I'm taking her to see it this afternoon. If she likes, it's hers!

In the next few weeks I hope to have photos for you all to see. A lot has to happen, though. New carpet, new trim, reorganization, new furniture for client seating area, and the list goes on. Needless to say, it won't be boring around here!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'm taking my kiddos swimming tonight while CPA has the boys over for Poker Night. He's requested that I make my enchiladas and taco dip. So, off to the store I must go!


{photo credit - Grandin Road}


Robyn Love Steele::Calligrapher said...

I LOVE the desk. And hope that jill thinks its amazing , too. What color paint??? said...

Ooooh! I love projects like this! It's always so much fun to create a new space. Feel free to ring me up if you want a hand!

Jenn-Modern Day Floral said...

How exciting and I second Robyn on the question, what color paint? I can't wait til it's finished so I can come and hang at your pad! :) I'll bring the flowers and goodies if you brew me a good cup of java. Tell Seth I'll bring him some ribbon and flowers so he can make his momma something "real pretty" for your office,,,I love that little honey bear! I love me some Ms. Gretchen too but she's a little like my Olivia...little miss sassy pants! :) that just means she'll make a great leader

Have a wonderful weekend!

meghan said...

Where is the furniture from!? I love it! Have fun transforming your space!! : )

Jodi {In Any Event} said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! Here's the answer to all of your lovely questions. My office will be Robin's Egg Blue with off-white plush shag carpet and black accents. Jill's office will be cocoa brown.

The furniture arrived this afternoon and it's BEAUTIFUL! It came from the catalog Grandin Road. They're online at

I can't wait to post photos of the finished product!

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Ooh, this looks lovely, Jodi. Can't wait to see everything come together. The paint colors sound gorgeous!

Jillian said...

Oh I am so excited! We've been hoping to have time to accomplish this side project for a while, and now we finally have a moment to get it all done! I LOOOOVE my desk! Everything is going to be gorgeous, so much fun!