Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Blog and Random Thoughts

So I haven't posted in a couple of days because I wanted to keep traffic at a minimum while the blog was under construction. We're still tweaking the design a bit and you will see a few changes over the next 24 hours. But for the most part, we're rockin' and rollin'! What do you think? {Thanks Shabby Creations for your great work!}

I had an amazing time connecting with friends and making new ones {Randi of TaDa Event Planning, that's you!} at the Michigan Wedding and Event Planner's Meeting {MWEP} last night. So many wonderful people came out and it was an honor to talk with each one of you. And for those who said to me, " I read your blog and follow your work and I was nervous to talk to you," I say, STOP IT! I love new friends in the industry and I don't bite, I promise :) This is a journey we're all on together. And it's much more fun making friends along the way. So stop stalking the blog and start leaving comments for me so we can interact! :)

This brings me to a 'somewhat' related topic. My dear friend Jessica from MI Photobooth told me last night that her three friends planning their weddings {they are 2 weeks apart from each other} are all thinking of a black and white/ivory color scheme. To those friends I say, come over to my office with Jessica in the next couple of weeks and let's look through my linen books so you can all see the scrumptious colors available to you! I'll help all three of you pick out your palettes so they are as unique as each one of you!

Have a wonderful day all!


Robyn Love Steele::Calligrapher said...

Jodi, the new look is great! I am happy to see your name with the business is very pretty and gives you personal credit for all the amazing work you do. The design is as inspiring as you are!

meghan said...

Hi Jodi! I love the damask and the scriptina font! Fun colors too : ) Sounds like there is lots of exciting things happening in your neck of the woods!! said...

I like what you have for your new blog as of 3:07 p.m.! I thought it was a little pattern-crazy yesterday, but it's nice to see the progression of it all. It feels very elegant and balanced now, but the content has always been what's drawn me in :)