Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 3- The Special Event 2009

Jenn and I spent a lot of Day 3 walking up and down the trade show floor. We saw a ton of great new products and companies that I want to tell you about. Here's a highlight of my favs:

  • La Tavola Linen was the star of the show, in my opinion! Sasha Souza talked about this company in her lecture so I was excited to speak with them and learn more about their products. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Their linens are simply fabulous. And the price point is remarkable. The average rental cost per couture linen is between $35-$55. An excellent price for the quality!
  • 10 Strawberry Street has some great new tableware on the market for 2009. This company supplies rental establishments with their chargers, china, flatware, stemware and serving pieces. I'm fortunate that my friends at Special Events Rental are willing to purchase items that I like for their rental inventory. Oooh, do I have a list for them!
  • Flyboy Naturals offers the most scrumptious eco-friendly freeze-dried rose petals I have ever seen. The colors they offer are just magnificent. And you should have seen the way they displayed them in their booth: in darling acyclic boxes and tubes stacked on top of each other in graduating colors and hues. It was just beautiful!
  • The Chameleon Chair Collection needs no introduction. They're just that fabulous. I hope 2009 brings the opportunity to use these amazing chairs because I'm a little bored with the chivari chair these days.
  • Dream World Backdrops offered a product that I haven't needed in the past but may in the future. Now I know where to go! This company had some of the best looking backdrops I have ever seen. Usually I think backdrops look tacky. These didn't, though. They were very classy and I am so happy to add them to my coffers of knowledge.
  • You all know I love the linens offered by Resource One. Well, their booth didn't disappoint and they even rolled out a new company at the show called the Linen Lounge. This sister company offers great linens at a much lower cost than those found at Resource One. Do check them out!
  • Solia is a company based in France that sells some of the most creative designer food packaging I have ever seen. I was down-right giddy as I inspected the mini-dishes for single portions. It was all so stinkin' cute I wanted it all!
  • The final find of the the day was Liquid Lava flooring. This amazing product literally has liquid sealed within the panels. When it's stepped on or touched, the liquid moves and swirls around one's feet and hands. In addition to the flooring, they also offer great cafe tables using the same liquid technology. Great stuff!

There were some other great booths on the floor including Wildflower Linen, BBJ Linen and The Cloth Connection. Linens were truly the highlight on the floor this year. Which further proves my theory that you can't have a beautiful event without beautiful linens!



Meg Cusack said...

Those are all great resources, Jodi. Thanks for sharing them! I love looking at that stuff.
Just a note that your link for The Cloth Connection is wrong. You have it going to www.theclothconnection.com but that one doesn't work.
Instead, www.clothconnection.com works.

My daughter sent me the link to your blog and it is very enjoyable to read. I have been at some notable birthday parties and weddings that you did and your work it fabulous!
Meg Cusack

Jodi {In Any Event} said...

Hi Meg;
Thanks for letting me know about the link problem. I'm going to fix it right now. And thank you, too, for the kind words. I definitely recognize your name from the various guest lists. Be sure to introduce yourself at the next event you see me at :) ~Jodi