Thursday, February 5, 2009

Star Struck by Tara

I'll admit it. I was star struck while at The Special Event 2009. By who, you ask? Well, Tara Guerard of Soiree, that's who.

As I was looking at the great new products available at 10 Strawberry Street, I glanced over and realized I was standing next to the Tara. You know, the one who has Martha Stewart on speed dial. The one who's considered the 'it' girl of the South. The one who produces some of the most beautiful events I have ever seen!

Instead of introducing myself, I got all tongue tied. Crazy, I know. So, last night as I was trying to fall sleep, I thought about all of the things I would have asked her. 'Where does your inspiration come from?' 'How do you balance a young family and a thriving business?''Did you enjoy the book writing process and what was it like?' You know, just the kinds of questions that any other star-struck planner would ask!

Then I got to thinking, maybe many of you don't know about Soiree or Tara's book, Southern Weddings. Or even her amazing invitation company, The Lettered Olive. So if you don't, you simply must check her out. Because you won't be disappointed!