Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Recap...

You've seen the luscious photos, now it's time to talk about the details!

First, I have to tell you what a stunning bride Liz was! Seriously, she was gorgeous...just look at her! She wore one of the most amazing Vera Wang gowns I have ever seen. Her make-up was flawless , her pearl earrings were so elegant, and her groom was dashing!

Liz and Curt are a very fun-loving couple. They're low-key and casual and were such a joy to work with! Early on, we conceptualized an event that truly reflected their style. That meant fun colors, not a lot of fuss, and personalized details.

Some of those personalized details included a typewriter guestbook, a cookie bar with recipe booklets, escort cards whimsically arranged in trays of wheat grass, a fabulous hand painted aisle runner, white buckets filled with different sized craft pom poms (orange, blue, green and white) to throw while the bride and groom entered the trolley, a fresh invitation suite by Bella Figura, fun and funky floral arrangements by Modern Day Floral , and great linens by Cloth Connection and Resource One.

In addition, we had awesome lighting by Odyssey Lighting (I love these guys!), amazing a/v and sound support from Blue Water Technologies, great venue service from Cascade Hills Country Club, and awesome entertainment by the Bill Pollack Orchestra from Chicago.

As always, there are little things that 'happen' that you just can't plan for. This wedding proved to be no different. I wouldn't typically bring these things up but this is just so unbelievable that I've got to share!

The wedding was scheduled to start at 5:30pm. At approximately 5:00pm, I peeked my head out the front doors of the church to monitor the weather situation (rain was in the forecast and we had a decked-out tent for cocktail hour). To my surprise, at the entrance to the church I found several fire trucks, an ambulance, a couple of police cars and a whole slew of people. And they were all blocking the exact pathway that would soon welcome 150+ cars. With my mind racing as to what in the world was going on, I walked down the driveway to speak with the officers and assess the situation. Seems that 80 mopeds were making their way through the city when two of them collided, right in front of the church entrance!

I politely asked the officers if everyone was okay and then informed them that in a mere 15 minutes there were going to be a whole lot of cars trying to get into the parking lot. I also asked them if it would be okay for my staff to direct traffic to an alternative entrance that was rather obscure. They agreed to that plan and I got everyone in place to make that happen.

Thankfully, the plan did not have to go into full swing as the officers were nice enough to move the intake process away from the entrance in enough time for cars to arrive. I'm pretty sure I aged a whole year in those 15 minutes!

That aside, everything ran smoothly and on-time and I'm quite sure everyone in attendance had a marvelous time!



Jen Kroll said...

As always -- truly a pleasure. You, my dear, are the REAL deal. Not even ambulances can throw you. Glorious job from beginning to the happy end. Every detail very clearly represented Liz and Curt's fun and light-hearted personalities!