Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ode to Amy Butler

*photo courtesy of Amy Butler Design, Inc.

Those who know me on a personal level, know I love, love, love to sew! I don't get to do it very often these days but it's something I find to be so relaxing. The humming of the sewing machine puts me into a happy little trance :)

My favorite fabric designer is Amy Butler. Her yummy fabrics are candy to my senses! Her soft cottons, gorgeous color combinations, and vintage-inspired designs make me want to swoon. So, imagine my sheer excitement when I found out she's now designing eco-friendly tableware and gift wrap....two of my favorite things! I've never seen anything like this stuff! The colors, the designs, ooohhh, it's almost too much to take in! I can already envision a small garden party using these amazing paper products accompanied by drinks served in mason jars, Amy Butler stationery as the party favor.... *happy sigh*. Anyone out there want me to plan a party for them with all these goodies???? I'm lookin' for takers!