Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Good Day

*photo courtesy of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

Today was a good day. A great day, in fact! Have I told you all before that I love what I do?! Seriously, I adore it. CPA often tells people I love it so much I'd do it for free. And you know what, he's right!

My day began with a visit to Cygnus 27, the site of a rehearsal dinner this fall. The space was remodeled a couple of years ago and it's fantastic! We're closing the restaurant down for this party and I couldn't be more excited about the existing decor I get to work with. It's not often that I walk into a room and say, 'Yep, that can stay....and that can stay....and that's just fabulous.' My site visits go a little more like this, 'Can we move this out.....can that be covered......are you sure you can't unbolt that from the floor and make it disappear?'

After the site visit, I swung by to visit my friends at Modern Day Floral and watch them create the centerpiece for a table set-up later in the afternoon. All I have to say is WOW! What they created for the client was breathtaking!

I then proceeded to the JW Marriott to set up several tables with linens, china, flatware and stemware. The Modern Day girls arrived shortly after with the floral miracles and *POOF* we had AMAZING. When the client walked in with her fiancee and mother, the smile on her face said it all. Right then and there I knew we had captured her vision and made it a reality.

Today was a good day. A great day, in fact!