Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lookin' at the Week Ahead.....

It's going to be a busy week in the office. Our beautiful bride, Liz, is getting married on Saturday and I can't wait to post photos of this amazing wedding and all of it's equally amazing details. The six page schedule of events is complete and after some fine tuning of the guest list and assigned seating we'll be ready to rock-n-roll.

We'll also be updating the website this week so do stay tuned! I'll be sure to post when the changes have been made. The new photos are spectacular and I can't wait for you to see them.

I'm also excited to report that we've hired a new accountant! Nicole will begin after Labor Day and we're all so excited. Though my dear husband is a darn good CPA (don't worry, I'll still continue to refer to him as such on the blog :) he's tired of working as the finance manager for a multi-million dollar company all day long and coming home to face the books of In Any Event at night. Can't say I blame him in the least. So, since I don't claim to be a worthy candidate for the job, we decided it would be best to hire an accountant to handle the day-to-day billing and bank reconciliation. As I've said, in the words of Martha Stewart, 'It's a good thing.'

Have a wonderful week!


aletha :: pearls events said...

I am dying with anticipation of this weekend's wedding! I know Jen will wow everyone with her amazing talent.

Also, nice job on a new CPA--I'm thankful mine isn't my husband; he'd go nuts with all my questions :)