Friday, August 1, 2008

Not Just Any Handbag......

I love great gifts. I like to get them but I love to give them! So I got to thinking one day. What can I give my brides and their bridesmaids that will be pretty and practical at the same time? Then it dawned on me, what about a custom bag by my dear, dear, friend Jen of Handbags! That way the girls will all have something pretty to schlep their stuff in!

So, I called Jen one afternoon and asked her to design a bag for In Any Event that can be customized to each bride's color palette.
Jen rose to the occasion and designed an amazing bag for me!

Just yesterday I was reading Jen's blog and noticed she had posted a sneak peek at the August bride's bag. Aren't the fabrics fantastic? I always have the bride's new initials monogrammed on her bag so that it's a little different then her maids. This bag is still 'under-construction' (no strap, yet) but when they're all done, I'll have Jen take a photo and post the finished product.

Thanks for the beauitful bags, Jen. My brides love them and I can't wait to give these beauties away in August!



HandbagsbyJen said...

Thanks for the love. I really like this color combo. The finished bag will be beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I think you should have a special bag made for Sunday Coffee hosts. What better way to say "Thank you for the donut" than with a beautiful bag by Jen??

Your ideas are so fun!!