Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Connected!

ARGH! We have been without phone and internet service since Thursday morning and I'm thrilled to announce that once again, we have re-entered the land of the digital age! Can I tell you how much I missed internet access? I really didn't mind having the phones down but not having the internet was crippling {my husband's adjective}. Really, it was!

So, what have we been up to over here? Well, working on the stationery binders and the booth construction for Gwyenth Paige's debut at NSS in 6 short weeks! We're all getting mighty excited over here. It's gonna be a great show, I can feel it!

I'm also preparing to go on vacation this week. We're taking the kids to Florida for Spring Break and going with our dear friends. We have condos next to each other right on the ocean. You can only imagine how excited the kids are. We're leaving Friday and returning home the following Sunday. Should be a great trip. And we're all looking forward to it!

Have you marked your calendars for ArtPrize, yet? If not, you need to. I've got some amazing things in the works for the closing ceremony this year. Seriously, you'll be blown away! And the best part is that the closing ceremony is free and open to the public. So, there's no excuse not to attend! ArtPrize opens on Wednesday, September 22, and the closing ceremony takes place on Thursday, October 7. Make your plans to attend now!