Friday, March 12, 2010

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - Back in action and makin' progress!!!

Right off the bat I am going to admit that I kind of went on a wedding planning hiatus recently. Why, you ask? Well, because sometimes it is important to just spend time with friends and catch up with family without making everything wedding-related. And since I have all the big details taken care of already, I took a 'planning break'. Which is fine. There are definitely lull moments in the wedding planning process for everyone, and it's normal. But after putting things on the back burner, I wanted to kick my planning back into gear.

So these past two weeks I have finally jumped on a few things, and thought I would share my progress:

1.) The groom and I officially decided on the suits for him and the groomsmen. They will be sporting beautiful black suits by Calvin Klein. The ties and other pieces are still up in the air though.
2.) We had our food tasting at the reception venue. The filet there is so good you can cut it with a butter knife, no joke. Currently we are debating between a lovely chicken with artichoke sauce or the jumbo grilled shrimp to pair with the filet. Yum!
3.) As we mention on our main website, In Any Event offers beautiful rendering boards to their clients. So I have started my sketches of the event design for my wedding. I can't wait to you all these renderings as soon as I am finished!
4.) We {Jodi and I} have been collecting wonderful items at local antique stores. But obviously the details of exactly what we have been buying shall remain mum because I don't want to give away too much ;)
5.) And last but not least, I have been working on more of the specifics for the rehearsal dinner. Because we can't forget to make the rehearsal dinner fabulous!

Next week, I will spill the full list of vendors that we have selected to use at the wedding now that final decisions have been made. So anyone planning a wedding here in the Midwest {or anywhere, really} can see some wonderful talent that we have in this neck of the woods!

~ Jillian