Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Black Screen of Death

Yes, that's what I've dubbed yesterday. The day of, 'The Black Screen of Death.' For some reason my laptop decided it was the perfect morning to bite the dust. And of course, it happened at the most inopportune time. Doesn't it always go that way!

So, yesterday was spent buying a new computer, retrieving files from my on-line back-up service and shipping the new computer out for all the necessary installation work. ARGH! What a pain this has been. All I can say is that I'm thankful this didn't happen in the middle of a huge event. But, I'm gonna be without a computer for a couple of days and that doesn't make me too happy.

So, did anyone watch the Bachelor on Monday night? Yes, I'll admit that I've watched all 14 seasons of that stupid show. It's my guilty pleasure. And I'll also admit that I didn't like Jake's pick. At all. I was a huge Tenley fan. She was so darn adorable and I appreciated everything she stood for. {I can't believe I'm even admitting this to you all! Please don't think less of me!}

While we're relatively slow over here, Nathan and I decided it would be a great time to steal away for a couple of days and head to the sunny beaches of Mexico! We're leaving in 11 days and I'm so excited. This is our first vacation together without any kids in 6 years. And it's long over-due. I see a lot of books, walks on the beach, snorkeling and trips to the spa in the near future!

If you live in the Grand Rapids area, be sure to visit the Gwyneth Paige booth {our sister company} at The Wedding Experience this Sunday at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. We thought we'd get our feet wet prior to the NSS show. We'll be located in the Imperial Ballroom; my favorite room in the hotel.

Hope you're all well. And that you each have a great day today!


Amanda said...

Worst feeling in the world when you get the black screen of death!! Have a GREAT time in Mexico!

Connie Westendorp-Glass said...

Have a fabulous time in Mexico, Jodi. Nobody deserves it more!