Friday, July 18, 2008

Rockin' Hand Soap and Lotion

So, I wouldn't normally post about something as crazy as what I found in a client's bathroom but I just have to tell you about this new discovery! We recently produced an event for a client at their home. After using the little girl's room, I proceeded to wash my hands just as my mom had taught me to do :) As I'm lathering and admiring the dark circles under my eyes, I began to smell this lovely scent. I looked down, then looked up at the soap I was using and instantly fell in love!

Have any of you heard of Molton Brown? I hadn't heard of it before either! It's made in London and it is just down right to-die-for! My client had both the Naran Ji Fine Liquid Hand Wash and the Naran Ji Soothing Hand Lotion. I proudly returned to my staff and encouraged each one of them to take a break, go to the bathroom and wash their pretty hands. They all fell in love with it, too!

So, just last week I decided that the CEO of IAE needed a little treat for all of her hard work in June! And I went ahead and ordered myself some. All I can say is, no one is getting near that stuff but me!



HandbagsbyJen said...

Seriously, Jodi. Small obsession here:) Although, I must agree that this is possibly the best smelling hand soap I have ever experienced.