Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Kiddos!

Everyone's been asking to see photos of the kiddos lately. So, I'll happily comply! They're the light of my life. How is it that these two little cuties can make me laugh, smile, tear my hair out and cry all in one day! All you mothers know exactly what I'm saying, here!

One of my favorite things to do with the kids is read. Gretchen loves Junie B. Jones books these days. I think we read two per week! I'm convinced that the reason she was reading in Kindergarten was because she's been read to every night since she was born! No lie! Seth loves 'Where's Waldo,' books. Just as my aged eyes are trying to focus in to find Waldo and Wenda, Seth screams, 'Found 'em!' Amazing!

Both of my kids have polar opposite personalities. Gretchen is a very confident child. She's fiercely loyal to her brother and protects him in situations when mom isn't around. She's a total slob in her bedroom (a trait passed on by mom :), loves friends, wants to be busy doing something 24/7, can't get enough of crafts, has an amazing singing voice, loves all kinds of music, and is always up for a new adventure.

Seth is my cuddle bug. If he could bring his two favorite things to school each day it would be his mom and his blankie! Quite often you can find Seth laying his head on top of the kitty, sucking his thumb and closing his eyes. Cutest thing I've ever seen :) Seth is much more shy then Gretchen. He's not quite as confident and leans on Gretchen to 'take-charge' of the situation at hand. They have a wonderful relationship that I will continue to foster and encourage. I think sibling relationships are so important! Don't get me wrong, though, they can have some serious battles that usually come to a screeching halt with words like, 'You two have to the count of three to shape it up or there will be consequences to pay!' Oohh, that sounds an awful lot like something my mom would have said! YIKES, I am turning into her!

So, enough musing about my babies! I love them dearly and would not be the same person without them in my life. Now, it's time to turn in for the night but first, I must do something that I do every night and sneak into their rooms, put their covers back on, kiss their cheeks and tell them that I love them.