Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fabulous Header

So, I got myself a new header! And I'm super excited about it :). Many thanks to the uber-talented photographer/videographer, John Pottenger of Coastline-Studios , for the photo and design help!

John took this spectacular shot at a wedding we did on June 20. The photos he produced for that event still blow my mind! He recently posted a slideshow from which you can see here. It was such a fun wedding to design! There were so many yummy little details which always makes me happy! I didn't work directly with the bride on this wedding because she lives in Colorado. Instead, I worked with her mother which was loads of fun! She has a spectacular sense of style which I always love (makes my job easier :) The event truly was a surprise for the bride....and surprised she was!

Thanks John, for all of your help! You're one amazingly talented and gifted guy and I look forward to many more events together!


John said...

Thanks for the Blog Love! Looking forward to August's wedding together!