Saturday, July 26, 2008

My A*M*A*Z*I*N*G Sister

My sister's getting married! That's right, she sure is. I'm SO excited for her wedding. My dear, sweet, Kara is just 16 months younger than me. Though I've been married for almost 11 years, Kara has been waiting for Mr. Right for a long time. She's kissed a lot of toads, my sister. I'll spare all of us the pain of recounting them! But, I am so happy to say that her Prince has arrived!

We love, love, love, Kara's fiancee. When I say 'we,' I mean me, CPA, our kiddos and the entire extended clan! He's so sweet and funny and he can handle Kara's mood swings :) For that alone, we love him!

Anyways, I'm in the midst of planning Kara and Jason's November 8, nuptials. In fact, just yesterday morning I ordered her wedding invitations. Oohh, they're beauties! I called Kara and told her she was going to love what I picked out! You read that right, she hasn't even seen the invites yet! I told her I was going to pick them out and she was going to love them :). Crazy as it sounds, Kara didn't receive any of the detail-oriented, creative genes that her sister did. She received some other lovely DNA strands from our parents but the love of details is not one of them. So, it's just better for all involved to leave those decisions up to me and our mom!

I've got a rock-star line-up of vendors for Kara's wedding. And she's going to have a bunch of yummy details, too. Like her hand painted aisle runner. Oh, is it going to be awesome! I think that's the detail she's most excited about. She's also super excited about her chocolate brown pintuck linens, taupe lamour chair covers and ivory cream bichon chair ties and napkins. I'm pretty partial to the moss green hand beaded tulle we're using on the cake table. It's fabulous!

The amazing Jen of Jen Kroll Photography will be shooting Kara's wedding. And her champagne brunch will be held in the Imperial Ballroom at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Her flowers will be provided by the amazingly talented Jenn Ederer of Modern Day Floral. Just wait until you hear what we've planned for the three flower girls. They will all carry purses made out of flowers!

Another great vendor we'll be using is Chocolate Impressions from Detroit. I used this great company at an event last year and their product was a hit! The concept is brilliant. Two people arrive with their digital cameras and 300 milk chocolate lollipops. They then take photos of the guests and print their picture on sugar and adhere it to the chocolate pops. Amazing! I think the wedding guests are going to love this!

Kara, you lucked out with an event planner as a sister! I'm fairly confident you'd still be sitting on the sofa, drinking a cup of tea, and wondering where you should start. You're probably laughing now because you know it's true! I LOVE you, sweet sister. And I'm so honored to be able to plan such a special day for you! I'm beyond excited to be your Matron of Honor because it's truly a place of honor. And hooray for the staff of In Any Event who will be coordinating the wedding so that I can enjoy the day with you!



aletha :: pearls events said...

This is such a sweet post, Jodi. What an honor planning your sister's wedding--I cannot wait to do this for my own sisters as well :) (which may be sooner than later!)

HandbagsbyJen said...

Staff???What staff?? :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for the incredible honor of designing the floral decor for this obviously wonderful and important event. Jodi I can't wait to bring all your sisters dreams to reality! We love you Kara!!

STL Sarah said...

Jodi! I'm so excited for Kara and can't wait to see what you've cooked up for this. I'm sure it'll be amazing. Thanks for the sneak peek! :-)