Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Candlelight and Lanterns

I'm a sucker for candlelight! I think it has a calming effect on people and sets the mood for a lovely evening. I continually encourage clients to use candlelight as an inexpensive way to create an inviting atmosphere. Not only that, everything and everyone looks better when they're lit by a tiny flame!

At the August 23rd wedding that we're producing, we'll be using these beautiful lanterns from Pottery Barn to line the pathway to the tented cocktail reception. I was thrilled when I found these because they fit our color palette so perfectly. They will hang from nickle shepherds crooks at varying heights. Because these will be the first decor pieces that guests see after their cars are parked, I wanted something dramatic and different. I think these fit the bill and will set the stage for a spectacular evening!


Jen Kroll said...

Girl.. you are amazing. I couldn't be more excited about spending the day with you and our FABULOUSLY sweet couple.