Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I gained an interesting Twitter follower yesterday. And when I clicked over to her site I thought, 'Well, that's interesting!' She's calling herself the 'BrokeBride2Be' and she's asking people to donate $1 to help her pay for her wedding. She says it's an experiment and 'giving a sister a dollar towards her wedding is good karma.'

Not quite sure how I feel about this. On one hand the word 'tacky' comes to mind. But on the other hand, she's collected a lot of money in 24 hours which makes her pretty brilliant. In school, we would have called this a publicity stunt. But what I would hate, is for thousands of brides to start blogs asking for money. It's an interesting experiment once, but after that it becomes ridiculous.

You'll have to check out her blog and let me know what you think. Tacky or genius?



ben @ STUDIO 623 said...

have you heard of the college student who paid for college (and earned a million bucks) by selling pixels on a website for $1 each?! it gained a lot of publicity, so businesses purchased blocks of at least $100 pixels and made a puny ad.

it made for a fun collage of 1M pixels and got huge publicity. i spent forever reading the little ads, messages, pranks, etc... on it.

so i say genius for the first person who does it and makes it work. tacky for everyone else who tries to copy -- usually to no avail.

meghan said...

Tacky! For SURE! There are a million other brides in her exact same position but they don't expect everyone in the world to hand out money for their 'dream wedding'. I think there are PLENTY of ways to cut costs and still have a lovely wedding. Lots of examples on - I'm always amazed at the weddings Abby posts about that were done for under 10k! I think this girl needs to get her creative juices flowing : )

HelpMakeCents said...

I don't know if she was the first by the definition of FIRST if you check the dates... But, I'll take what I can get. She sure does have moxie... and a great flair for gaining ground! :-)

Calisara said...

gotta go with tacky, i came across her site and was expecting to find some budget savvy tips, instead it was asking for a hand-out, and to one who doesn't need it. as a lover of all things wedding, i know that most of what is chosen is from desires, and wants, not out of necessity. now if instead she was asking for money to help pay for her marriage license due to some difficult situations, i think she'd be deserving of an outpour of donations.

she is smart to ask, because hey, why not? but those who give are the tacky ones.