Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ask Jodi Wednesday...The Design Process

I received a lovely, lovely email from a reader in sunny Florida today. Kate is an up and coming event planner that wants to know about my design process. She is curious to know how involved I get with the overall look and design of my events. Apparently, the florists in her area take responsibility for the design process and the planners recommend vendors, give advice on saving money, and coordinate the wedding day activities. Kate is wondering how I handle this.

Kate, it's a fantastic question and I'm so glad you asked. I'm going to give you a call tomorrow so I can talk more in depth about your situation and circumstances. But, I'd like to give the semi short-version answer on my blog because I think others may benefit from it.

I take full design responsibility for events produced by In Any Event. For me, it's the best part of the job. There are a number of event planners/coordinators in my area who manage details and give recommendations just as you described. And they're all super talented and great at what they do. But what makes me different is that I design each and every detail. From beginning to end.

In fact, my favorite florist will tell you that I almost always pick out the containers for the floral arrangements and bring them to her so she can design the centerpieces. I don't do this because I'm a control freak. But rather, I do it to keep the entire look and feel of the event consistent. I am responsible for the big picture. Each vendor has a part in the big picture but in the end, those parts all need to come together to make a whole. And I need to make sure the pieces all fit so the whole looks perfect.

The most memorable events are those with details that retain the same style, color and feel. If I'm using a certain ribbon on the programs, you can bet that I'll be dropping an extra roll off at my florist's studio so that she can use it to collar the bouquets.

Kate, I want to encourage you to be true to your need for design. I have that same burning desire to design, create, implement and coordinate. Some planners don't, and that's okay. But, you'll be most fulfilled if you become a planner that does what you're good at. That is, creating environments and experiences.



Aaron-CP Wedding Films said...

I love that you found your niche and go after it unapoligeticaly. Your work shows that you love what you do and you do it well.

Erin Marie said...

Great post Jodi!!! Very inspiring :) Your attention to detail and design is incredible...!