Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random Thought Tuesday

I know proper 'blog etiquette' says you should never apologize for letting so much time pass between posts. I say, who cares about proper blog etiquette! I'm gonna go right ahead and apologize for not posting any proverbial loveliness in a while.

We're in the midst of final preparations for a swanky soiree on Thursday night. The color palette is spectacular. Turquoise, raspberry and orange. Lovely. Simply lovely! The fabulous Jen Kroll will be photographing this event and I can't wait to share the images with you!

So, I've got lots of random thoughts swimming in my head and thought I would hit on just a few. In no particular order, here goes:

  • Have you seen the latest issue of The Knot Michigan on the stands? Well, it's out there and it's wonderful. The wedding we designed for Curt and Liz got a five page spread and it's superb.

  • Got amazing news from my publicist yesterday! The wedding I designed for my sweet sister Kara, will be the featured in The Knot Michigan's next issue. WOOHOO!

  • My NYC clients are flying in this weekend for their table rendering. I've developed some wonderful ideas to make their beach wedding an event no one will soon forget. Jillian is finishing up the room sketches and putting the presentation boards together. It's quite a process but so worth it! I look so forward to the rendering appointment with my clients.

  • Last, but certainly not least, I just found out I'm gonna be an aunt x2! Both my sister and my brother are expecting babies within 3 weeks of each other! My kids are over-the-moon because they've been the only kiddos on my side of the family for a really long time! That also means I get to start planning baby showers. Game on!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. I'll try to squeeze another post in this week but don't hold me to it. It's chaos over here. In a happy, smile-on-my-face sorta way!



jessica@miphotobooth.com said...

Congratulations Kara! Woo-hoo! So excited to hear about the mommy-to-be! (Congrats to brother, too!) What terrific news!