Friday, June 26, 2009

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - Wedding Dress Tip I Loved

Yesterday afternoon I got to escape my desk and go poolside with Jodi and Jen of Jen Kroll Photography. Seriously, why can't everyday be like that? Anyway, we were chatting up every topic under the sun, no pun intended, when we stumbled upon the topic of (you guessed it!) my wedding planning process. Jen immediately mentioned a website that she found and was so excited to fill me in! She wasn't kidding when she told me how much this company rocked! WhenI got home, I spent over an hour browsing their site.

It's called Once Wed. Ever heard of it? Well, I definitely hadn't. Once Wed allows brides the opportunity to find a beautiful designer gown without the typical designer gown price tag. Let's be honest, most brides nearly have a stroke the first time they realize how much that pretty white dress can cost. This site provides dresses that are simply gorgeous. The only catch is that they have been worn once. That's all. It's nice to know that owning a designer wedding dress is possible. Oscar de la Renta, Rivini, Carolina Herrera, Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra, Priscilla of Boston, J Crew ...and many other designers and brands have a TON of dresses available.

So be sure to pop over to check it out. Each listing shows the original price of the dress and the asking price. So you can get a realistic idea of how much you actually save by buying your dress here. It's pretty impressive to see a Carolina Herrera dress go from an original price of $4,000 down to a $600 asking price. Huge score for brides everywhere! Thanks for the tip, Jen!



Meghan said...

Another tip that helped me get the dress of my dreams was contacting bridal salons that carried the dress I wanted, to see if they would sell their sample. I got the Melissa Sweet dress of my dreams 50% off from The White Dress by the Shore in Connecticut (I live in GR and did everything through the web) by doing just that! Best of luck in your dream dress search!


HandbagsbyJen said...

I have checked out their site before. Beautiful stuff!

Jen K. said...

That's hilarious that you pulled THAT Carolina gown! I was looking at that one for the workshop! I won't feel bad getting it trashed on the back of a horse. Makes me want to get married all over again.

And yes, we'll need to spend more afternoons like that! So wonderful.