Friday, June 19, 2009

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - The REAL Reason I Chose a June Wedding


This is the reason I wanted a June wedding. The peony. This is my flower. This is what my whole wedding has come to be based around. Peonies bloom for only a short time in the spring here in Michigan, then they are done. As done as can be. And I wanted this flower really bad. They are so fluffy and amazing. I mean, sure there's lots of other great reasons to get married in June (beautiful weather, not too hot, many flowers are blooming, etc) but peonies are HEAVENLY.

When Jenn from Modern Day Floral called me a couple nights ago to say "You HAVE to come down to the studio to see this color I found for you!" can only image how hopped-up, excited I was! So, of course I ran right down there the very next day. And when I walked in, Jenn had the arrangement shown above waiting for me! :)

And they were the perfect color! I had to try it out on their rendering table, to get the full effect...

{How beautiful is Modern Day Floral's rendering room by the way?}

Leave it to Jenn to find the most perfect flower ever. These blooms were the perfect shade of deep raspberry, and HUGE. She also had some white peonies as well. Which were equally as gorgeous.

{I think I will carry the white for my bridal bouquet. Look how huge they are in comparison to my hand! That's going to be one MASSIVE bouquet!}

Here's a quick little story about me...just so you understand where I am coming from (in case you're thinking, "Chill out Jill, it's just a flower"). My grandmother was very special to me, and we had a lot of similarities. Crafty. Girly. Loved pretty things. Anyway, grandma used to grow peonies all while my mom was growing up. Now my mom tears up every time she sees a peony because it reminds her of her mom. She is completely in love with them. My great grandma used to grow them as well. So I guess you can say it's kind of a family flower. It will be a very special detail at my wedding.

PS. ***FUNNY STORY ALERT*** Chris' mom has peony bushes outside their house. When I told Chris this cherished story of my mom and grandma, I said to him "It's kind of cool because your mom grows peonies, too!" This is how he replied: "Yeah, me and the boys used to run them over with our bikes when we were kids. Absolutely trample them." Seriously Chris?

I think this is prime example of how women think just a LITTLE bit differently th
en men.

~ Jillian


HandbagsbyJen said...

I agree Jill. The peony is my favorite flower. That color is spectacular. I can't wait to see all of your details!
I got a peony bush for my first mother's day, but we had to leave it behind when we moved. I plan on finding a place to plant one at this house soon.

Karen - The Last Detail said...

SO jealous....we don't get those here in the deep south.

Stunning color.

Jennifer Ederer said...

Girl you crack me up however I have to admit I'm just as nuts about Peony as you are! Thank you so much for such a sweet post and I have to tell you your pictures look amazing! I love how the arrangement looks on the ivory linen. Can you say, "SPECTACULAR!"
Jill your wedding is going to be nothing short of amazing and we're honored to be a part of it.

I love you honey and happy planning!

Jen K. said...

LOVE the peony!! My FAVORITE. Hands down. Close second: tulips, orchids, lilies, spray roses, lilacs... wait... who am I kidding. I'm a flower nut.