Friday, February 5, 2010

Notes From the Future "Mrs." - Onto the Wedding Invitations

We are still months away from even thinking about sending out our wedding invitations, but that is not stopping me from ordering the invites already. After all, we selected which ones we wanted a while ago. So understandably, I cannot wait to have them in my eager little hands!

You remember my Save the Dates, right? Well, they are only a small morsel of goodness compared to the actual invitation. The invitation is heavenly. And yes, I reserve the right to swoon over them because they were not designed by me (...only in my dreams!) Our talented Andrea designed them, and if she didn't live in New York, I would be giving her the most gigantic hug right now for creating something so spectacular.

If you have been following our Gwyneth Paige blog this week, you probably caught the photos of some of our invitations on Wednesday's post. Of the select handful of Gwyneth Paige designs that were posted, you will see the Claire invitation. And she is the one. She is my invitation and is known as the "quilted beauty". When I saw her it was love at first site. Hop over to the post to see for yourself what I am talking about.

Stay tuned, there will be even better pictures of Claire to come. I cannot wait to show you ours when they arrive!

~ Jillian


andreajoyce said...

Jilly!! Awwwww!!!