Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pay it Forward

Do these flowers look familiar? They may not in their current state but you might recognize them when I tell you where they came from. You see, we at In Any Event hate the thought of centerpieces from our events landing in dumpsters the following day. Turns out, so do our friends at Modern Day Floral. Which is why you see 75+ vases of hand-tied bouquets made from the centerpieces from that lovely wedding we did a couple of weeks ago.

Jenn and her amazing crew at Modern Day Floral spent close to two days disassembling 24 gianormous centerpieces and re-creating lovely european-style bouquets. After assembly was complete, they took the centerpieces to two nursing homes and gave them to the residents. Just because.

I write this today to encourage my fellow planners, and brides alike, to consider donating your event flowers to a nursing home or hospital. I think it's a wonderful way to brighten the spirits of those often forgotten. And bring happiness and joy but for a brief moment.

Thank you, Jenn, for starting this amazing program at Modern Day. And for helping us all to pay it forward.



Amber VanDenBerg said...

What a great idea! One of the couples this summer had the same thoughts. They brought their flowers to the hospital.
~Amber Dawn Event Design

Jennifer said...

We're pretty lucky to have such generous clients and I hope this will continue to be the trend. Now if I could figure out how to recycle all those darn dusty vases under the sink! :) Thanks for spreading the love!