Friday, November 21, 2008


Two days in a row. Yep, that's right, just call me the world's best mom. Because for two days in a row, I have baked my kids cupcakes for their after-school snack. And even made Sylvia Weinstock's butter cream frosting for their cute little tongues to lick {bet you didn't know you could freeze her frosting did you!}.

So, in the spirit of all things sprinkles and frosting, I'd like to announce the latest give-away from In Any Event. Oh, and it's a good one! Hot off the presses, it's Sensational Cakes by Sylvia herself. And let me tell you, the book is just that, Sen-sa-tion-al {with a capital 'S'}!

The best part about this hard-cover beauty is that Sylvia shares a ton of her recipes! I mean, seriously, that's enough to give one a sugar rush just thinking about it!

So, with all of that said, here are the rules. Leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to have me blog about this winter {I've got a case of blogger's-block}. Do you want more tricks of the trade? Do you want a weekly column? Should I muse about my kids and CPA? Or do you think I do such a darn good job I should just keep doin' what I'm doin' {kidding people, just kidding!}.

I will close this contest on Monday, November 24, at 11:00pm EST. And my lovely assistant Jill will mail your prize on Tuesday morning! Oh yeah, and I'll be using to determine the winner.

Good Luck!



MamaGray said...

How about:

Ways that you and your company are "Going Green?"

Jennifer Ederer said...

If you could plan an event for anyone in this world who would it be and why?

Jessica Daly (MiPhotoBooth) said...

I think you have a beautiful blend of personal and professional insights on your blog. I wouldn't change a thing!

HandbagsbyJen said...

You know that I read everything that you write, so I thought I'd jump in on the giveaway. After all, you added to my to do list today.
Love ya!

mjd said...

I love reading all your personal stories, encounters and interactions. I can always hear "Jodi-voice" narrating the episodes, which I find most entertaining. I think your little party planning tips and tricks are awesome. Things that maybe people overlook because they're tiny little details but they're ones that can be very important. ex). lighting candles for the first time BEFORE the ceremony. :) Another idea might be "trends from Jodi's perspective." For example, "Couples using first names on the front of Thank You notes rather than a traditional 'Thank You'" or "popular graphics from the year/season" or "bridesmaid jewelry trends - drop earrings vs the pearl" or "An increasing use of formal names." Just little things that you have seen/experienced recently and your personal observations about said 'trends.'

I may not have another party to plan for a short period but I'll keep reading the accounts of your adventures and I'll gladly savor any other tasty treats you toss our way! :)

Kara Scheeneman said...

I love your blog, Jod. Keep the personal and professional posts coming!

Love ya,

Jen Kroll said...

You rock. :) Maybe you should blog about the different types of event planners and what to expect?

aletha :: pearls events said...

Ooh, I'm just seeing this now and would LOVE to win! I would like to hear about your staff--introduce us to the people who make your events come to life! (and don't forget to include yourself)