Monday, April 26, 2010

Two New Doggies!

Meet the newest members of our family! Tessa and Leo will be joining us in six short weeks. We weren't in the market for two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels but it just seemed to work out that way.

Tessa is the mother of the puppy we selected last week for our home. Unfortunately, that puppy died on Saturday from 'failure to thrive.' Since Tessa only had two pups and the other pup was spoken for, that meant our dreams of a blenheim cavalier pup weren't going to come true anytime soon.

Our amazing breeder gave us the following four options:

  1. Receive our money back

  2. Select from the two tri-color puppies available from another mother named Gretta

  3. Wait for her third dog, Aida, to deliver her first litter... with puppies available in mid-September {not an option for us since In Any Event has 6 big events on the books this fall!}

  4. Purchase Tessa since she clearly isn't a good breeder but would be an amazing pet

Well, we decided to go with option #2 and #4 and we are so excited! You should have seen our kids faces when we told them we were getting two dogs! You would have thought the house would explode from all the yelling of excitement.

So, stay tuned for more updated photos! I can't wait to be a puppy and a 1 year old doggie mama!



Erin Marie said...

I love the tri colored cavaliers!!! Tessa and baby Leo are beautiful! Can't wait for more pictures!