Friday, November 6, 2009

Notes From the Future "Mrs" - Dress Shopping this Weekend!


Wow, is it Friday already? This week I spent a lot of my time hiding under my covers. My #1 mission was to get rid of this annoying cold. And my second goal was to avoid the H1N1 virus, A.K.A the Swine Flu, which decided to grace Grand Rapids with it's horrible presence. Normally, I would try to plow right through my illness and forgo the rest, but this week was no time to be taking chances. This weekend is officially my dress shopping weekend. Wedding dress shopping, that is!

Back in July, I mentioned my plan to go dress hunting in late August. Well, I lied. Deciding to reschedule after we get through our busy season at work was a better idea. So here we are, in November, and I finally get to take a trip to Chicago and pick out my dress! The hotel room is booked. The dress fitting appointment is set. The champagne is purchased. My 'Something Blue' Lolita champagne glass is packed (courtesy of my MH). My mom has flown home. And my Matron of Honor is waiting patiently in Chicago for our arrival, along with my other bridesmaid Ashley. All the plans have been made and we are ready to go! And I cannot wait to finally meet the lovely Stephanie, my consultant, at Ultimate Bride!

So, let the dress shopping commence! Wish me luck.

~ Jillian


HandbagsbyJen said...

That is one heck of a glass! Have a great weekend and I hope you find the dress of your dreams. Stephanie is wonderful and I am sure she will find it for you.

Theresa Ford said...

I cant wait to start the weekend!! We are going to have way to much fun!!!

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

I had a roomie who used to work at Ultimate Bride. I'd pop in on my way home from work on occasion just to see the glorious gowns - and the lucky women trying them on. Hope it was a successful trip, Jillian.