Monday, October 26, 2009

Husband vs. Deer

Last night/9:00pm
'Jodi, bad news. I just hit a deer.'
'Are you kidding me? You know that's not funny. I just got the car back from the body shop on Thursday fixing the damage from the lady who rear-ended me!'
'No, I'm not kidding. Can you call the police and tell them I'm at 76th and Hanna Lake?'
'Crap. You're not kidding!'
'No, I'm not.'
'Are you okay?''I'm fine but your car isn't. And it's leaking fluid everywhere. We need to take it right over to the body shop.'

'Towne and Country Auto Body, this is Alden.'
'Hi Alden, it's Jodi Bos.'
'Why Jodi! Long time no see! I loved all the fur on your front bumper! Fantastic work.'
'I swear, Alden. This one was my husband's fault!'
'Well, we're looking at about 2 to 3 weeks in the shop to repair all the damage. And it just might be totaled.'

Fantastic. Just fantastic. This is exactly how I like to start a week!



Jennifer Warner said...

Just wanted to give you a shout of encouragement Jodi! =) Hang in there I know your week will get better and someone will fill it with sunshine! I will be praying for you!

Kara Scheeneman said...

Nice play-by-play. At least no one was hurt...well, except for the deer.